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30 Best Free WordPress Themes 2011

WordPress platform is in a continuous expansion and one of the best CMS on the web. If you are completely new to WordPress or a professional in the field is worth to check out the best and beautiful free wordpress themes that will make your website more attractive. You can choose from simple and eficient blog themes to portfolio, magazine like or ecommerce theme design.

Some of the themes have included advertisment placeholders, so you can start make some money from what you publish. Here’s my list with the 30 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2011. You’re welcome to share your favourite one in the comments below.

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30 Best Free WordPress Themes 2011

1. WMag – premium magazine theme

Demo | Download


2. Big Square

Demo | Download


3. The Morning After

Demo | Download


4. Skeptical

Demo | Download


5. JournalCrunch

Demo | Download


6. Diary/Notebook

Demo | Download


7. LightenMag

Demo | Download


8. Delicate

Demo | Download


9. Shaken Grid

Demo | Download


10. Basico Dark

Demo | Download


11. WordPress Anniversary Theme

Demo | Download


12. Heliumified Reloaded

Demo | Download


13. Magasin Uno Reloaded

Demo | Download


14. Free Magazine Style WP Theme – Agency

Demo | Download


15. Lucky Guess

Demo | Download


16. ecoNews

Demo | Download


17. Simplista WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


18. Revolt Theme

Demo | Download


19. Forsy

Demo | Download


20. Reporter

Demo | Download


21. Framed Redux

Demo | Download


22. Corporattica

Demo | Download


23. Pengbo’s Inspiration

Demo | Download


24. Owesome WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


25. Pretty Face Theme

Demo | Download


26. BlueBubble

Demo | Download


27. Suburbia

Demo | Download


28. Obscure

Demo | Download


29. Casual

Demo | Download


30. Bright Sky

Demo | Download


31. Define

Demo | Download


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  4. Lunedi says:

    Good collection. Some of these are new for me. Glad that this set isn’t a re-hash of previously featured themes. I see some which I can seriously use in my blog. Thanks.

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  6. t_virus says:

    What to say…..some of these themes make me speechless :)
    Awesome article admin! I found the theme i was really looking for =)

  7. haovbvb says:


  8. karl says:

    These are awesome themes! Thank you! Especially like #11 :)

  9. very nice collection of themes


  10. fazreen says:

    some of themes really catch my eyes. thanks for sharing! a really good collection :)

  11. Serhat Olcay says:

    Thank you for all of them.

  12. bizarotrips says:

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Elaine says:

    I registered a new blog and I am about to find a beautiful theme for it. I love themed from newwpthemes.com, but it is so difficult to remove their links.


  14. Driver says:

    Thank you for your theme.

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  16. Very good collection. Thanks for these themes!

  17. This is better than Smashingmagazine’s collection – Thanks!

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  19. emmanuel says:

    awsome collection….i virtually downloaded all the themes except for a few though that were not actually free….thanks!

  20. DRG says:

    Loved it..! Really nice collection of wordpress themes.

  21. nice resource, thank you very much……i like it free and simple, usually it gives best resouls for everything

  22. LG 42PW350 says:

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing

  23. Ammar says:

    Great themes. These can easily be premium themes but the good thing is that they are not ! Thanks for sharing.

  24. This is the most amazing list of wordpress themes! i’ve been looking all night for a good one. At least i can get some sleep now! :p

  25. Shine says:

    nice……….I like the Diary/Notebook…perfect for my journal blog(…hopefully will put up soon) :)

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  27. Wow this information is very important we are expecting the same in near future.

    Thanks and Regards.

  28. Nicole says:

    Thanks for sharing these templates…it’s not easy to choose a template for a blog and the samples above narrowed it down.

  29. Atul Sharma says:

    I love to watch new themes always and looking some nice flash theme for my wordpress based site. You themes are great and thinking to use one for my site.

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  32. kursi jepara says:

    wow nice guys I like it

  33. chaip says:

    Very beautify WP-Theme

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  35. Great collections. Thanks for share.

  36. Mostafizur says:

    Wow!!Very nice collection.Thanks for sharing.


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