Write a tutorial

Share you knowledge by writing an interesting post (in basic HTML format similar to other posts – you can use images, Flash objects or videos and ActionScript code snippets) such as Flash component or application review, comparison between two or more Flash products, various usage cases of Flash components, menus, galleries available on the market and developed by anyone and successfully used as part
of Flash web sites or other multimedia projects, ActionScript tips and tricks, solutions and workarounds that helped you to complete your current and future projects
in a timely manner.

We pay between $5 – $50 via PayPal to anyone for each approved post, tutorial and article depending on the content uniqueness and complexity level. Before writting
the full content you can send us a preview to review it and provide feedback being very useful in cases where the subject you’ve started to write about doesn’t meet
our expectations.

Finally, pack your content along with the media resources you have used ( if any ) inside a .zip package, upload it to a server and send us the download link via the contact form or at contact [at] flashuser.net.