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30 Best Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

With Photoshop you can create amazing text effects whether you’re designing a text for an advertisement, a company logo or a print magazine. Photoshop can help you out in many ways if you need a stylish typography. You can use different kind of brushes, manipulate images and mask them into text and last but not least the multitude of built-in effects.

Using textures into your typo effects can also have a great impact for the audience. But the most important thing when create a design typography image is choosing the right font. As long as you pick the perfect typo for your design, 50% of your work is done. If you need some inspiration for your next text effect probably these fresh tutorials will help you out. The beautiful visual effects are interesting to experiment and with your own creativity for sure you can do amazing things. This hot collection of text effect tutorials will open new possibilities to explore, learn and will get you fresh ideas regarding the latest trends on the web.

Here are 30 amazing Photoshop text effect tutorials for 2012 that you can get fabulous results if you complete at least one of them. So don’t waste your time, open Photoshop and master these awesome text effects.

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Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials 2012

1. Glowing Rusty Text Effect

This tutorial explains how to create a rusty text effect, using Photoshop filters and a texture image.


2. Ombre Text Effect

This tutorial teaches you how to use two simple filters to apply the shaded effect to a text using the colors you like.


3. Create a Steampunk Type Treatment in Photoshop


4. “Scary” Text Effect

In this quick tip tutorial, we will show you how to create a “scary” text effect using layer styles in Photoshop.


5. Designing with Denim

Learn to make a denim type text effect in PS.


6. Autumn-Inspired Text Effect

Create a lovely colorful Autumn-inspired text effect.


7. Create a Crisp Metallic Text Effect

In this quick tip tutorial, we will explain how to create a crisp, metallic text effect using just a couple of layer styles in Photoshop.


8. Dark Knight Rises Stencil Effect

In this tutorial we will create a stencil and spray effect using basic filters and some brushes.


9. Chalk Text Effect


10. Dissolved Ancient Ink Text Effect


11. Easy Smoke Type Effect Using the Smudge Tool


12. Shiny, Gold, Old World Text Effect


13. Realistic, Aged Cloud Text Effect


14. Cookie Bite Text Effect


15. Scrabble Tiles Text Effect


16. Candy Flavored Text Effect


17. Embedded Concrete Effect


18. Battleship Text Effect


19. Glowing Liquid Text with Water Splash Effect


20. Easy X-Ray Typography


21. Easy Stitched Fabric Type Style


22. Abstract Geometric Mosaic Text Effect


23. Glass Text Effect


24. Burning Typography with Sparkles Effect


25. Graffiti Text Effect


26. “Parry Hotter” Text Effect


27. Burning Metal Text with Melting Effect


28. Diablo III Inspired Text Effect


29. Grungy Style Pull-Apart Text Effect


30. Cookie Text Effect in Photoshop


Which of the text effect tutorials did you like best? Please share your comment below.

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