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15+ Free HTML Newsletter Templates

Whether you need to update your clients about the latest news from your company, or about a new innovative product you’re releasing, the easiest way to communicate with them is to send them an email. But it’s not easy to get clients or prospects to go through your email newsletter. You might have a catchy subject to get them to open your message and the content put together, but that’s not all there is.

An attractive layout that is clean, organized yet attractive is as important as the message itself. You can get the help of a web designer and a programmer to create it for you from scratch, but it will cost you. Or you can get one for free that is as effective as a paid one if you know how to customize it a bit.
There are tens of HTML email templates out there that you can download and customize to fit your requirements. I’ve put together a collection of 15+ Free HTML Email Templates that you can use in your email campaigns to get your message across. Check them out and download the ones you like the most.

Free HTML Email Templates

1. Grandma’s Sweets&Cookies  

Cool two-column template with a left-hand sidebar where you can include the summary of that newsletter issue.

Grandmas Sweets and Cookies

2. Fine&Dine

Same as the previous one, this email template is 2-column but attractive enough the get the message through.

Free email template

3. Omnistar

Omnistar has a great collection of free email templates that you can download instantly. Below is just an example of an email newsletter design that you can use. Check out the rest of them and pick your favorite.


4. Company Newsletter 

Here’s an email template designed especially for companies. It’s more formal and minimal when it comes to graphic elements.

Company Newsletter

5.  High Impact  

Two-column template with strong graphic elements.

Free email template

6. Simple Email Template

This is a simple yet elegant email template. You can send it to prospect clients to determine them to purchase a product, for instance.

Simple newsletter

7. Blog Email Newsletter 

If you have a blog, check out this cool blog email template. You can download and use it right now.

Blog Email Newsletter

8. Stan’s Newsletter  

Working in a company related to post office or sending of messages? Then check out this 2-column, fancy email template.

Free email template

9. Company Newsletter 2

This is yet another free email template that you can use if you run a business and want to send out a newsletter to your clients. Download it, customize it if you need to and start using it right away.

Company Newsletter 2

10. Gretta’s Garden Goods  

Beautiful email template for businesses related to gardening or maybe selling of flowers.

Free email template

11. Outdoorsy  

This is a 2-column email template that has navigation links included in the header. On the right-hand sidebar you can include information about your company so clients can get in touch with you.

Outdoorsy Email Template

12. Tech Blog  

Simple and attractive email template for technology sites and blogs.

Free email template

13. The Download Email Template

This is great email template that you can use if you want your subscribers to download something directly from it. For instance, you might want to share with them a free ebook or a report on a certain subject. This is specifically designed so you can attach a file that subscribers can download easily.

Download Email Template

14. Corporation Template  

Cool email template that you can use for a corporate campaign or for a technology business.

Free email template

15.  Colour Direct

Very cool email template for e-commerce sites. You can use it to update your customers about a new line of products.

Free email template

16. Eco Template 

This is a great email template for those looking for a more eco design for their marketing campaigns.

Free email template

17. Handcrafter Letter 

Selling handmade stuff on the web? Take a look at this gorgeous 2-column email template that you can use.

Free email templates

18. Deal of the Month 

If you’re running a website with discounts and special offers, you might want to take a look at this cool email template. You can send your subscribers a e-newsletter where they can find all the deals from that week or month.

Free email template
These are just some of the awesome email templates that you can use in minutes without having to pay a dime. Have you found others? Share them with everybody in a comment below. Thanks.

Author: Alice

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