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10 Free Online Tools for Web Designers and Developers

There are so many online tools and apps out there that could make your life easier, it’s amazing! But finding those tools that are free and also do the job well is not an easy task. Whether you’re a web designer or a developer, one thing is for sure – you treasure every hour you spend on a project – so why not better spend it wisely with something worth your time than with something that can easily be done with a simple tool?

To help you save time, I’ve come up with the most useful online tools specifically created for web designers and developers that are looking to increase productivity and work more efficiently. And the best thing about these tools is that they’re all free. Check them out and feel free to use the ones that fit your needs and project requirements. You’ll be surprised how time-savers these little tools are.

1. 0 to 255

o to 255 is a great, simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color.

2. CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is an easy to use tool to help you create cross-browser CSS3 code based on whatever values you like. Just use the drop-down menu to choose what you need.

3. Spritebox

Spritebox is a WYSIWYG tool especially created for web designers looking to easily create CSS classes and IDs from a single sprite image. This tool uses a combination of JQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 and aside from the fact that is saves you a lot of time, it’s totally free.

4. Frame Box

This is a very useful tool for easy frme sharing in 3 simple steps: 1. sketch frame using UI units; 2. save it and get a link to created frame; 3. send the link to your team members.

5. wordmark.it

A great tool to quickly preview how a word looks using the fonts you already have installed on your computer. This way you can determine if you need to go out and find others or not.

6. CSS3 Button Maker

This is a useful tool to create buttons. It includes plenty of options to choose from.

7. Google Swiffy

This amazing tool allows you to convert Flash SWF files to HTML5, thus allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices that do not support Flash players – such as iPhone and iPad.

8. Screenfly

An excellent tool to test and see how your website appears on different devices and resolutions. You can see how it looks on a variety of browsers, screen resolutions, as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

9. Color Scheme Designer

This is a tool we couldn’t not include as it’s one of the most popular when it comes to choosing colors for a site.

10. Favigen

Create a favicon using this favicon generator. It doesn’t get easier than this.

What other free online tools are you using? Share them with everybody in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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