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10 Popular WordPress Plugins for Mobile Devices

Mobile phones nowadays make it so easy for anyone to access the internet and read a blog, share or comment on an article, and so on. Since the number of mobile users is increasing every day, it’s important you make your website user friendly and easy to access so you don’t risk losing visitors.

If you have a WordPress website, there are plenty of WordPress plugins for smartphones that you can use to make your site mobile friendly. Below you can find 10 Popular WordPress Plugins for Mobile Devices that can get the job done.

WordPress Plugins for Mobile Devices

1. WPtap Mobile Detector

With this plugin, you can set a different theme for each mobile browser. It automatically detects the type of mobile browser a visitor is using and it will show him the mobile theme you’ve chosen for that browser. There are 9 built-in mobile browsers detection but you can also add a specific device that’s not included and set a theme for it.

This is a very useful mobile plugin because it allows you to test which themes are showing correctly on different mobile devices. However, you are in charge of finding mobile themes for WordPress and uploading them to your wp-content/themes folder, but with the multitude of free themes that won’t be a problem.

2. WordPress Mobile Edition

If WPtap doesn’t work for you and you need one with an easier to use interface, the WP Mobile Edition is also a good alternative, as it serves the same purpose. When a visitor enters your website, the plugin will detect the browser he’s using and load the mobile version of your website, with the specific theme you’ve set for it.

3. MobilePress

MobilePress is an easy to use and free WordPress plugin that turns your website into a mobile friendly one when it’s visited from a mobile device. It’s pretty simple and there aren’t a lot of settings to go around, but it gets the job done. With this open source WP plugin, you can create your own customized mobile themes to show on different mobile devices, like Windows Mobile, iPhone or Opera Mini.

You can always choose a free theme from the already existing ones included in the WP directory. Two very good features that come with this plugin are analytics, which allows you to see traffic statistics, and Aduity, with which you can display ads on your mobile site.

4. WPtap News Press

This plugin comes with a built-in theme, which means you won’t need to install other themes for your mobile site. From the admin panel you can customize the icons, the theme, the menu, add categories and pages, as well as change the bookmark section. You can also include ads and an AdSense code if you are monetizing your blog.

5. WordPressMobile.mobi

This mobile plugin is being used by thousands of blog owners. What it does is reduce the load time of your site on mobile browsers and configure your pages so that these are displaying properly on each browser it detects.

6. WordPress Mobile Pack

The WordPress Mobile Pack is very popular on the web because it has a lot of features built-in that can save you a lot of time. The most important ones are mobile recognition and device adaptation. To top that, it also resizes images automatically so they look good on every mobile phone.

Also, if the length of an article is considerable, it splits it into multiple pages which makes it easier to go through. This plugin is widget ready, which means that it supports ads and mobile AdSense on the mobile version of your site.

7. Mobile Admin

The Mobile Admin plugin for WordPress is very useful for when you need to access the admin panel of your site from a mobile device. It allows you to add and edit posts, save them in drafts, add tags, moderate comments, and many more. It was specifically designed for iPhone/iPod Touch browser but it also works at a basic level on other mobile browsers.

8. Mobilize

If you don’t have a mobile version of your site and want to help visitors using mobile devices to access your site easily, this is a very good pugin to use. It detects mobile devices, redirects them to the Mippin server which then rearranges the content on your web pages according to that specific mobile phone. This means that if you have images, for instance, Mippin will resize them so these are displayed properly on that particular mobile screen and visitors can see them correctly.

9. Mowser

If you have a mobile version of your WordPress blog and want to redirect visitors using a mobile device to it, then you should install this plugin. It automatically detects when a user is accessing your site from a mobile phone and it instantly redirects him to the mobile version of your site.

10. WP viewMobile

This is also a very useful WordPress plugin to make your site mobile friendly and easy to access by your visitors. When a user is trying to visit your site from a mobile device, your site is automatically optimized so that the content is displayed properly. The images are resized to fit the mobile screen or are completely removed in case these cannot be displayed correctly or if a specific mobile phone doesn’t support images.

What mobile plugins for WordPress are you using? Let us know in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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  • What a good information. So which one is the best?

  • Depends on what you need and on your requirements. WordPress Mobile Pack, for instance, is the most popular and that’s because it includes a lot of features. Which one are you using?

  • thanks for the information. will try out then tell you which one works best with me…