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15 Most Worth It Flash Galleries

One of the main request of the clients is to have an amazing Flash Gallery on their website used to present their work, projects done, photos. There are plenty of them on the internet banner rotators, thumbs with scroll, category tabs, with smooth and nice transition effects.

So I decide to put together 15 most worth it flash galleries founded on FlashComponents.net so you can save time and concentrate your thoughts to creativity. You decide what gallery suits your needs. To live view click on the image of the gallery you like.

1. XML Image Gallery

Fading XML Image Scroller Gallery & Menu & Banner Rotator & Slideshow with scrollbar component, autoPlay, previous, next buttons and scrollable text description box.

XML Image Gallery

2. Sliding Image Gallery XML V2

Dynamic sliding image gallery for product showcase.

Sliding Image Gallery

3. Thumb Banner Rotator Black

XML thumb banner rotator with delay time, menuPosition, textPostion, and more features,total 23 settings parameters available in the XML file.

Thumb Banner Rotator

4. Advanced XML Image Gallery V2 – AS 3.0

XML driven Flash image / picture / photo gallery. Supports any screen size, the images will adjust based on the screen resolution.

Advanced XML Image Gallery

5. Auto Play XML Image Gallery

Can easily be transformed into banner, header, slide show etc. You can use it for IMAGES and for SWF files as well. You have seven (7) transitions to choose from.

Auto Play XML Image Gallery

6. CoverFlip3D AS 3.0

Inspired by the iTunes coverflow layout. The coverFlip3D Flash component displays images and videos in an engaging interactive 3D environment powered by the Papervision3D engine.


7. Tab Gallery/FLV Portfolio v.2

Tab Gallery it’s a two level Flash gallery that has support for JPG, GIF, PNG image viewing and for FLV playback. The first level is represented by the categories (tabs).

Tab Gallery/FLV Portfolio

8. Flickr Style Photo Gallery AS 3.0

Supports any screen size , the images will adjust based on the screen resolution, and at the same time keeping the correct ratio.

Flickr Style Photo Gallery

9. Image Gallery XML

You can easily put the scroller any position you like, set the images to any dimensions. You can customize the scroller movement.


10. XML Thumbnail Gallery V.2

This is a very easy to customize XML gallery, with thumbnails. The gallery can also display the pictures as a slideshow. Smooth MP3 is also included and can work in full screen mode.

XML Thumbnail Gallery

11. AS Gallery V1

XML driven gallery with categories. Almost everything is adjustable.

AS Gallery

12. The AS3 Photo Gallery

This gallery is designed to be tweaked and altered in just about every possible way, all from a single XML file.

The AS3 Photo Gallery

13. Wall Image Gallery

This is a complex XML picture gallery with .FLV player … very easy to use and configure … Is made in full AS2 code and is easy to modify and arrange for your own needs.

Wall Image Gallery

14. XML Banner Rotator 2 ( Slideshow & Gallery )

XML Banner Rotator with slide effect. It can be also used as slideshow or gallery. Works with Flash 8 / Flash CS3 / Flash CS4 and above / ActionScript 2.0 version.

XML Banner Rotator 2

15. Netish Resizable Gallery w Albums

This is a two level resizable image gallery. Photos are stored in categories and can have an html formated description.


Author: Alin

Passionate about web and graphic design, photography and climbing. Follow me at Twitter , Facebook and Google+

  • GirlGoneMad

    FYI… There is a script on 13. Wall Image Gallery that causes multiple popups when you go to the sample and click a thumbnail. If you look at this example, dont click a thumbnail…

  • Dolly

    Great Jobs!!

  • Dolly

    Great Works!!!