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15 Websites to Download Free Stock Photos

No matter if you’re a web designer or a blogger, you most probably need to use photos on a daily basis. While commercial photos are not very expensive, there’s no point in paying for photos when there are so many sites from where you can download them for free. This way you can lower the costs while still using quality photos in your projects.

You can find plenty of beautiful photos on these free stock photo sites. Usually this is where new and talented photographers are trying to promote themselves, so do take advantage of what they have to offer.

So, if you’ve struggled to find great images for your blog posts or design projects, then you can go ahead and bookmark this page. I’ve put together a list of the 15th most valuable free stock photo sites where you can search and download tens of quality images. Make sure you read the terms of usage because there are sites that require you to mention the source.

1. SXC  

This is one of the most popular free stock photo sites on the web. It has a gallery of over 350.000 photos and it’s almost impossible not to find what you need. To download photos, you need to register first and then you’ll have access to the entire collection of photos that you can download and use for free.

2. Flickr  

I’m sure you’ve visited Flickr at least once. It’s one of the largest photo platforms on the Internet where people share photos and photo albums.

3. EveryStockPhoto  

This is actually a photo search engine. It will save you a lot of time since they index millions of photos from stock sites and when you search you can find tens of results to choose from.

4. Morgue File  

Morgue File has a great collection of free high resolutions photos that you can use for personal or corporate purposes.

5. Free Pixels  

This site includes plenty of free high resolution stock photos that you can yuse for both personal and commercial projects.

6. Stock Vault  

StockVault includes a big database of free stock images that you can download without having to register for an account. The site has both free and commercial photos separated into different sections on the site.

7. Free Stock Photos  

This site has over 14,000 free photos that you can download and use in your personal and commercia projects. You don’t even need to registrate; just choose the images you want and download them instantly.

8. Dreamstime  

Dreamstime has become very popular as a supplier of high quality stock photography. You can find a huge collection of free photos as well as commercial.

9. Free Photos Bank  

Download free high resolution images from a huge collection of stock photos. It’s very similar to SXC and you don’t need to registrate to download images.

10. Free Range Stock  

You can find thousands of free photos on this site. Download and use them in both personal or commercial projects without a problem.

11. DeviantArt  

Deviantart is one of the most famous community of artists that use this platform to share their work. You can find amazing photos to use in your projects. Make sure to check the terms of use.

12. Historical Stock Photos  

This is a different type of collection and it include historical stock photos that you can use for personal projects and emails.

13. PhotoGen 

Photogen include a wide range of quality, high resolution free stock photos that you can use for both personal and commercial projects. To download photos you need to first register.

14. Public Domain Photos  

This site includes over 5,000 free stock photos that you can use for any project you ‘re working on, be it personal or commercial.

15. Free Digital Photos  

This is yet another site with a good collection of free stock photos that you can use in your projects.

Have I missed any great free stock photos site? Do share it in a comment below. Thanks.

Author: Alice

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