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20 Great Flash Menus on FlashComponents.net

I think that the most important part of a website it’s his navigation menu. For me it has to be simple, attractive and easy to understand. Because it’s essential for your audience to know exactly where they are and not get lost in a labyrinth of submenus and sections.

As a flash lover, I enjoy the animated flash menus because they are interactive and eye-catching. So I decide to share with you 20 navigation menus that caught my attention on FlashComponents.net. Hope they inspire you and if you got a flash menu that you like, share with us.

1. Dock Menu XML 3.0
Mac OS X Style Dock Menu.


2. XML Tweened Menu
File is prepared for HTML and Flash use (FlashVars and drag&drop). All settings can be changed via XML (slider colors, radius, position, text colors, tweens)


3. Sliding Accordion XML Menu
Sliding XML Menu with accordion effect.


4. Curve Menu CS
CurveMenu CS is a component which can help designer or developer to add a unique curved menu in their Flash website. It is a navigation menu with perfect sliding effect and unique touch control.


5. Two Level Menu


6. Blur Scale XML Menu
Scaling & blurring horizontal menu with XML.


7. Drop Down Tree Menu
The Drop Down Tree Menu V3 is a flash component designed to help you load a tree menu structure in a drop-down fashion.


8. Tsunami Text Menu


9. 3D Image Zoom Menu XML
3D XML driven menu with perspective ,depth, items zooming and coloring.


10. H-Menu


11. Elastic Menu
Very easy to set up, that component will generate a horizontal or vertical menu with your own designed buttons. You can set few parameters, and you are good to go!


12. Xml Tree Menu


13. XML Sliding Menu 2


14. XML Accordion Icon Menu
The XML Accordion Icon Menu displays images in a vertical menu that opens like an accordion. Icons, titles, URL, and themes, are defined in an external XML file.


15. Ultra XML Menu
You can adjust button colors, font, tween type, speed, sliding direction, align.


16. 3D Image Rotator Carousel XML
Easy to adjust parameters for fading effects, perspective manipulation, keyboard and/or mouse enabled movements and rotation to setup your desired 3D Carousel in minutes.


17. Horizontal Dynamic Neon Menu


18. XML Bounce Up Menu


19. Cool Horizontal Menu


20. Elastic Flash Menu


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