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20 Outstanding Single Page Website Designs

There are so many websites out there that are stuffed with content or are a total chaos when it comes to navigation. So it’s at least refreshing to see single page website designs where it’s almost impossible to get lost thanks to the minimalist design.

The navigation is extremely creative, and a challenge for the web designer and it definitely enhances the visitor’s experience on the website. Everything you need is gathered in a single page.

Advantages of single page website designs

If you’ve ever thought of building a site with a single page, here are some of the advantages to consider:


This is the main attribute that make single-page websites so popular. Even though it might be difficult for a designer to think of a solution to include everything in a single page, for a visitor it’s an incredible experience. You have all the information in a single page and it’s easy to find your way around.

Creative navigation

If you check the example below, you’ll see what I mean. These single-page websites all have an amazing navigation that makes it easier for a visitor to find what he’s looking for. Instead of going through 5-6-7 sections, on a single-page website you’re a click or a scroll away from everything.  It’s a great feeling when you don’t have to wait for pages to load or when you don’t get lost going through pages and pages stuffed with text.

Strong impact

It’s impossible not to impress with this kind of website if you or your web designer come up with a top-notch navigation idea. It will engage your visitor and he’ll definitely enjoy playing around and clicking or scrolling through your site.

Easy to manage and optimize

You only have one page to focus on. Unlike websites that have several sections, a single-page website is easier and more efficient to optimize using strong keywords that can help it rank better.

To prove that all this is not just bla-bla, here’s a showcase of extremely creative sites from where you can use some single page website design ideas. Visit the sites, play around and if you think these really work, than we’re worth a tweet or a Facebook share, aren’t we?

1. Skysoclear

We’re starting out with this site so you can see how well a simple design and a clear navigation work together. You can either scroll to move down the page or click on the menu on the left side.

2. Scribble&Tweak

This site is the portfolio of a web designer from Brooklyn and he means business. The cool thing about his site is that he took the time to explain the process of building a site: define, refine and deploy. Check the animation where he explains the steps. You’ll love it.

3. Visualbox

Some web designers prefer to let their work speak for itself. This is what this Buenos Aires based freelance studio did with its site. It showcases the sites they’ve designed and you can click on any to see more. Simple, efficient.

4.  Peter Pearson

This London based web designer went for a horizontal navigation. Click on an arrow to move forward and go through all of his work.

5. Creative People

The great thing about single page designs is that you get to see only relevant information and a creative showcase of one’s work. This is exactly what this site is all about. It’s a single page site but it uses the navigation creating the impression that there are several pages you’re visiting. This type of navigation works really well.

6. Legwork Studio

A site with a simple vertical navigation that gets the job done. What I like is that they included a video for the About section, instead of filling it up with typical content. They knew how to make a better use of the little space and that’s a plus.

7. Joey Lomanto

Yet another simple single page site with a minimalist design. You know what he does, how he does it and how to get in touch. And it’s all included in a sigle page.

8. Sensitive Designs

This site is really catchy and interactive. To navigate, you have to go through a few questions to make sure he’s the web designer you’re looking for. It’s a very creative idea if you want to find out if the visitors on your site are there because they’re looking to hire you or for some other reason.

9. Youzee

This site uses the navigation to tell a story and convince people to choose them over someone else. It’s a cool method if you’re trying to sell a product or get people to subscribe to a magazine, a release of a product or a newsletter.

10. Eu Sou

And now to the unusual navigation. This one uses a diagonal navigation, which is very cool. But then you can also click on arrows to go through the items in the portfolio. Looks a bit more complicated, but it’s actually very easy to get around.

11. Web is beautiful

Very cool website. Scroll down and you’ll get to see tweets with what interesting content people is producing, especially design related.

12. BrainyLab

This site looks chaotic at a first look, but then you’ll see it’s actually pretty organized on colors. Click on each image to see the actual work. Talk about brainiacs.

13. Natalie Roberts

Like the previous site, this one has also a portfolio structured on colors. Just click on the circles to see a detailed image of the design work.

14. Unfold

This site is not called ‘unfold’ for nothing. You get to navigate through it as if you were unfolding a letter. There is no design pattern and the coolest thing is that no matter how much you scroll down it will take you back to the top of the page when you’re done seeing all of it.

15. Moksha Studio

This is the presentation website of a design studio. It includes the basic elements of a single page site: short and to the point about, our work and contact us. To check out all the items in their portfolio, just click on Expand All and scroll down.

16.  Garphee

Another well designed portfolio of a web designer with an attractive identity. You can either scroll down or use the navigation menu on the left to go through the site. It’s simple and to the point.

17. We shoot bottles

This is another site that uses horizontal navigation. However, unlike the other sites, there are no arrows you can use to move forward, which is a minus in my book. To navigate you need to pull the navigation bar. The concept is good, the implementation needs some more work.

18. Jiri Tvrdek

A very clean design with a vertical navigation. The projects are presented in a slideshow in the middle of the page. This is nice because it leaves space to breath and only focus on the portfolio items, without any other distractions.

19. Social Snack

A simple single page site where you only need to scroll down to go through the content and see the portfolio. You get to meet the team, ask questions and request for a quote as the end of the page. Simple, effective.

20. Vanity Claire

Colorful singe page site of a creative director dromDallas. It uses simple arrows to more forward and go through all the site. However, you can also go to certain sections of interest from the little box in the center of the page.

These are the best single page website designs I’ve found. If you’ve come across others as creative as these ones, or maybe even more, go ahead and share them in a comment.

Author: Alice

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