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25 Creatively Designed Login Pages

What makes a great login page? That’s difficult to say. In few words, a login page should be simple and clear in terms of steps or instructions.

This is a section of your website that can convert occasional visitors into registered users, so it has to be attractive enough to determine them to take the final step and register.  Pay attention to the design elements, but give the same importance to the message as well: “Please login here” is not as attractive as: “We’re happy to see you return. Login to continue”.

In this article you’ll find 25 creatively designed login pages that you can use as inspiration for you future designs. Check out the design elements, the colors, the fonts and the stuff that gets your attention into your next login page.

25 Creatively Designed Login Pages

1. How-r-u

2. Mobile Me

3. Redbrick Health

4. Mail Chimp

5. Mig33

6.  Tick Spot

7. Wakoopa

8. KISSmetrics

9. 20×200

10. tuts+

11. Gist

12. Converse

13. Wufoo

14. Product Planner

15. Grooveshark

16. Vimeo

17. Battle.net

18. Taste Book

19. Krop

20. Picnik

21. Yellow Bird Project

22. Campaign Monitor

23. Rhapsody

24. Virtual Paper

25. Cosmic Soda

Have you seen other cool login pages? Don’t keep them a secret. Share them with us in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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