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30 Ads That Go Beyond Creative

I remember seeing an infographic not too long ago about how many ads we’re seeing daily without even realizing it. And they are not few if you think about it. It’s no surprise the Sao Paolo mayor decided to turn the city into an ads-free one.

However, even if we’re subjected to seeing ads everywhere we go, you must admit – some are truly amazing and worth looking at. That’s what today’s post is all about – not the ads that you’d rather skip without blinking, but the ones that are so creative you’d probably stop and stare for a minute or two.

This is a collection of 30 ads that go beyond creative and I just know you’re going to enjoy them.

30 Creative Ads

Delsey Luggage: Tarmac

AirWick: Bucket

Pastorini Toy Store: Pilot

Avis: Reunion

Pampaverde: Extra big burger

Smart: Pollution

Buggy Shoes





Mini Cooper

Denver Water



Burger King

Durex XXL

McDonald’s: Night Light



The New Kia Sportage With Rear View Camera

Sanzer hand gel

McDonald’s McCafé: AM–PM, Guy

Image Hair Group: Hairbeard

Deichmann Graceland: High Heels

Athena Underwear: Sprint


Iam Haircare: Necklace

Pilates With Gerda: Butt Bag

Fedex: USA-Brazil

Any ad we might have missed that you think should be included in this collection? Share it with us in a comment below.

Author: Alice

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