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30 Best HTML5 Games You Can Play for Free

HTML5 is more and more popular these days and with features like Canvas, Audio and Video elements for sure the Flash era will fall slowly. A large numer of developers who the main target is creating smartphones games, convert their applications also to HTML5 platform. Even though some of them are limited version of the game under iOS and Android platform, it shows very well the power of HTML5.

HTML5 games in their basic form use the power of Canvas, combined with Javascript. But if you add WebGL for the the user experience will increase in a beautiful 3D environment, ready to explore and experiment. One of the great things about HTML5 and its features is that it makes playing gaming possible without Flash or any other plugin. All you need is to update your web browsers ( Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer ) to their latest version for having a good time playing the games.

Browse our collection of 30 best games based on HTML5 and play your favourite online HTML5 game for free. Get ready to spend some time because these games are addicted.

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30 Best HTML5 Games

1. Angry Birds

The Famous Angry Birds is online and in HD! It can actually be played on the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.


2. Runfield

You have to run as fast as you can and avoid holes. The games is built using HTML5 canvas.


3. Front Invaders

Take control over the HTML5 Rocket, and kill as many evil alien Explorers as You can. Stand up and fight, the Open Web needs You!


4. Cut the Rope

Play Cut the Rope! A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request… CANDY!


5. Agent 008 Ball

Agent 008, you must sink as many balls as possible before the timer runs out. Watchout for bomb balls!


6. Canvas Rider


7. Pacman

Play The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN game online or create your own PAC-MAN maze to make it even bigger.


8. Robots Are People Too

RAPT is a complex and challenging HTML5 platformer. The exit to each level is blocked by enemies that roll, jump, fly, and shoot to prevent escape at all costs. Gameplay is exclusively two-player and uses a unique split-screen mechanic. The levels and enemies are designed to promote cooperation between players.


9. Chain Reaction

Place a bomb wherever you want and start a ball chain reaction.


10. Pirates Love Daisies

Pirates Love Daisies, the fun new Tower Defense game built with HTML5!


11. Onslaught! Arena

Onslaught! Arena is an HTML5 game made by Lost Decade Games. Fight off the horde with medieval weapons and powerups!


12. The Convergence

Control two characters at the same time and try bring them together.


13. Canvas Defense

Defense your base from the invaders with 4 different weapons.


14. Sketch Out

Protect the planet from alien invaders. Draw constellations stars to increase your changes to avoid attacks.


15. Entanglement

Entanglement is a HTML5 puzzle game, where you have to the most long road. Use arrows to rotate the hexagons.


16. Solitare


17. Emberwind

HTML5 arcade game.


18. Space Pirate Killer


19. Orbium


20. Dark Age


21. Sumon


22. Blobby Volley 2


23. HTML5 Chess Game


24. Word Squared

WordSquared – a massively multiplayer online word game.


25. Canvas Pinball

This demo is a simple pinball game that uses several HTML5 technologies along with the Box2D physics engine. It uses HTML5 Canvas element for drawing.


26. Web Snooker


27. Bejeweled


28. Sand Trap


29. The Secret of Grisly Manor


30. Blinkwang


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