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30 Impressive Business Card Designs

Nowadays we put so much emphasis on originality and creativity that you just have to make an effort if you want to get someone’s attention. You can no longer just hand out a simple piece of paper with your contact info when you connect with potential clients.

Aside from the direct contact with them, your business card is the second thing they see. It’s your presentation and it has to attract with a unique selling point. What does it say about you or your business?

If you have a creative business card, you make a good impression and people assume you’re great at what you do and that you’re detail-oriented, which is something most look for in a business partner. This is an important step in getting new clients.

To get those creative juices flow, here is a collection of good looking business cards that you can use for your inspiration.

Do you have an impressive card design? Share it with everyone in a comment below. We’d love to see it.

1. Dario Monetini  

2. Tok&Stok 

3. Faculty of Architecture  

4. Mais Pilates Studio  

5. Lindsey Casabella  

6. Broke Bike Alley

7. Marko Stanzl Hairstylist 

8. Ismet Dural Circumciser

9. Y+ Yoga Center

10. Laser Printing Inc

11. Mixtape Generation

12. Dr.Kiprov’s cosmetic surgery

13. Zohra Mouhetta Fitness Trainer

14. Yoga One 

15. James Mahon Divorce Lawyer

16. B. Uhrig & Son

17. Sack Wear 

18. Hugo Fernández

19. DJ Mohit 

20. The Farm

21. Bryce Bell 

22. Yuka Suzuki

23. Mitnick Security

24. Piano Repair

25. Howl Fire

26. Post Marriage Counselling

27. Divorce Mediator 

28. Tyrone Menezes

29. Crux Melt Cheese 

30. Andreas Sugianto Interior Designer 

Author: Alice

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