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30 Logos with Hidden Messages

Nowadays, as a graphic designer, it’s hard to come up with great and meaningful concept for a logo and satisfy the customer needs. As more and more trends pass over the internet, many creatives got trapped in this vortex and focus their logo designs for short term periods and not long ones. I love logos with hidden messages and I spend time to caught the idea behind every logo. For me it’s a great relief after I’ve figured it out the message that the designer want to transmit. It’s like a puzzle game.

If you want your next logo to stand out and be world wide recognized it’s time for a little help. Below are 30 clever logo concepts that use negative space to create a powerful message and reflect the company’s personality. I recommend to read the explanation on the right side after you’ve tried to figure it out on your own what’s the message behind the logo.

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30 Logos with Hidden Messages

1. Five Ten

As the name of the footwear company suggests you’ll find the number 5 and number 10 incorporate in the graphic.

2. FedEx

A classic one. Behind the FedEx logo’s simplicity, lays an arrow located in the negative space between the ‘E’ and ‘X’ pointing rightwards.

3. Amazon.com

The arrow suggests that the Amazon.com has everything from “a” to “z” and also reprezents a customer smile.

4. ZIP

The letter “I” is smartly replaced with a zipper.

5. Eight

Great idea to use variations of number “8” to create the eight logo.

6. 247 black/white

Between “2” and “7” in the negative space is number “4”.

7. Zoorganic

You’ll see an eagle’s silhouette and in the negative space on the left it’s a horse’s head and on the right it’s a wolf’s head.

8. Formula 1

Pretty simple put poweful. Look in the negative space and you’ll see the number “1”.

9. Sony Vaio

The first two letters represent a wave symbolizing the digital signal and the last two the digital signal (1 and 0).

10. Northwest Airlines

Take a closer look at the circle in the left. You’ll see letter “N” and “W” and also a compass arrow that points N-W.

11. Wiesinger Music

Piano keys – letter “W” on the left and letter “M” on the right.

12. My Fonts

What do you see behind letters “My”? A hand:).

13. Silver File

In the negative space between the double “F” it’s the letter “S”.

14. Body Wisdom

A high end day spa logo. The hands represent relaxation and the owl eyes that represent wisdom.

15. Families

Timeless logo.

16. Sun Microsystems

You can read the brand name in every direction; both horizontaly and verticaly.

17. Treacy Shoes

A shoe hidden in the negative space.

18. Dog Care Veterinary

Two hands that represent care of a dog that’s in the negative space.

19. Shit Talking

Two quotes that are build to form a toilet seat in the negative space.

20. Fantom

Clever logo that hides letter “a” between “F” and “n”.

21. Hammmer

A hammer is integrated in the negativ space of the letter “H”.

22. Elefont

This logo can be seen as a simple “e” letter and also if you look closer in the negative space you’ll see an elephant’s trunk.

23. Bones

Nice one. The black color from the letters represent the flesh and the white color reprezent the bones.

24. The Installers

The letter “I” is formed by two opening doors.

25. Lemon Crown

A half of lemon and a crown in the negative white space.

26. Heartbeats

Two musical notes that are combined together to form a heart and headphones.

27. Hanuet Wine

Two wine glasses in the negative space.

28. Martini House

Two martini glasses and a house in the middle.

29. Embrace Beer

Letters “E” and “B” in yellow and in the negative space 2 beer bottles.

30. Take Reality

You’ll see between letter “K” and letter “E” in the negative space a house.

Do you have a favourite hidden message logo? Share it in the comments section.

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