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35 Facebook Fan Page Custom Designs

If you’re a business owner, you most probably have a Facebook Fan Page. Unlike other social networks, Facebook offers a more attractive way to promote your business by creating a page and making it look exactly how you’d imagine. Your page should be catchy enough to turn visitors into fans, so you have to make the best of all the features and apps that Facebook has available.

The giants of the industry have amazing Fan Pages and not just because they can afford specialists to design them, but because they know how to take advantage of the apps and iFrames to make their pages attractive. To show you what I’m talking about, I’ve put together a great showcase of 35 Facebook Fan Pages that you can use for inspiration. Don’t just browse through them. Analyze them and use the elements or apps they’ve integrated to make your page irresistible. Here goes!

Have you seen some amazing Facebook Fan Page designs? Go ahead and share them with us in a comment below.

Facebook Fan Page Custom Designs

1. Wired

Wired magazine Facebook Fan Page

2. Soul City Church

Soul City Church Facebook Fan Page

3. Sony Ericsson

Sonny Ericsson Facebook Fan Page

4. Social Rank

Social Rank Facebook Fan Page

5. The Social Networking Academy

The Social Networking Academy Facebook Fan Page

6. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine Facebook Fan Page

7. Skittles

Skittles Facebook Fan Page

8. Seinfeld

Seinfeld Facebook Fan Page

9. Room 214

Room 214 Facebook Fan Page

10. RedBull

RedBull Facebook Fan Page

11. Porsche


12. The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef Facebook Fan Page

13. Nokia

Nokia Facebook Fan Page

14. Mercedes Benz USA

Mercedes Benz USA Facebook Fan Page

15. Living in Pleasanton

living in pleasanton Facebook Fan Page

16. Lancome

Lancome Facebook Fan Page

17. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine Facebook Fan Page

18. House

House Facebook Fan Page

19. Hallmark

Hallmark Facebook Fan Page

20. Glee

Glee Facebook Fan Page

21. 1800 flowers

1800 flowers Facebook Fan Page

22. FlashComponents

FlashComponents.net Facebook Fan Page

23. Esquire

Esquire Facebook Fan Page

24. Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine Facebook Fan Page

25. Desigual

Desigual Facebook Fan Page

26. Daddy Design

Daddy Design Facebook Fan Page

27. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Facebook Fan Page

28. BlackBerry

BlackBerry Facebook Fan Page

29. Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea Facebook Fan Page

30. Adobe TV

Adobe TV Facebook Fan Page

31. Victoria’s Secret


32. Pepsi


33. Harry Potter

34. GAP


35. Starbucks


Author: Alice

Alice is an enthusiast blogger. She loves to write articles related to web design, WordPress, UI / UX and design trends.

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  • I feel like i have seen most of these on one of these lists from a while back??? There was definitely a lot of reruns but i guess a few of the bigger pages get it right or haven’t messed with a winner.

    I found some of the pages were very good, very attractive and relevant. Some i’m not sure why you had in there other than you may have owed a couple of them a favour, and that is totally fine! But they now owe you as they didn’t deserve to be in there 😉

    The Victoria Secret page is always a winner, Coke and Pepsi always do a good job. Red Bull needs an update if they are still running that fangate, it’s getting tired and it did a great job!

    Gap and Seinfeld could have spent more than 2 minutes on concept and design, terrible effort despite it being the funniest show ever!

    Mercedes Benz and House do a great job and so do a few others too. Then the rest are pretty ho hum.

    Hopefully the thread is still going strong later in the week as I should have something to put up to show 🙂

    And in a couple of weeks Just Social will be releasing a brand new custom fan page builder app that will make it so simple & easy for anyone to get great looking fan pages like some of these here even if they have never understood HTML or code at all! On top of that, they will be able to do it all in Just Minutes!

    Thanks for putting the list together, certainly showed a few things haven’t really changed much!

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