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35 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is probably the best tool when it comes to retouching photos. It has a variety of handy and advanced tools that will transform a basic portrait photo into a beautiful magazine cover image. And why not recognize the fact that every celebrity that appears on a magazine article or every advertise model you see today it’s photoshopped. It seems that we appreciate more the digital retouch instead of our natural beauty. But this is another topic that it’s not related to today’s article.

I suggest to start with basic retouch tutorials, like red-eye removal or white teeth, if you just begin to learn the magic of photo retouching, but if you’re an advanced one try tutorials like perfect skin or create digital makeup, for sure will help you in the learning process.

In this article we’ll share some of the best Photoshop retouching tutorials that will improve your skills just by following the step-by-step guidelines or by watching the in depth video tutorials.

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Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

1. Whiten Teeth to Improve a Smile in Photoshop

We can greatly improve every portrait in which the subject is smiling by applying a little digital tooth whitening. In this easy to follow tutorial you will be whitening teeth in minutes.


How to Slim a Face in Photoshop with Just a Few Easy Steps

Add natural beauty to your subject using this easy technique.


2. You are a Good Dentist

Everybody can be a professional Photoshop dentist.


3. Changing Eye Color In An Image

In this photo retouching tutorial, we’ll learn a very simple technique for changing someone’s eye color in a photo using a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.


4. Remove Glasses Digitally in Photoshop

In this video we will take a look at a very special way to remove an element from an image. In case we will be removing a pair of glasses from this young woman’s face and it the process rebuilding parts of her eyes as well as doing some heavy retouch work to the face in general.

5. Virtual Makeup In a Snap

This tutorial will teach you how you can quickly and effectively modify an image where too much makeup’s were applied making the skin look fake.


6. 5 Really Easy, yet Essential Photo Retouch Techniques for Photoshop Beginners

In this tutorial, I will show you 5 very simple, however very important techniques for Photoshop beginners when it comes to photo retouch.


7. Basic Retouch and Colorization

This tutorial will show you how to do a basic retouch, change the colorcast of an image and colorize some of its elements.


8. Professional Photographic Retouching Tutorial (40Mins, Start-To-Finish)

This is the second tutorial in a series on photographic retouching. The first part was all about evening skin tonal values and removing blemishes. In this part I will take you through everything else. So, as a result it’s a long video (40 Mins).


9. Simple Facial Photo Retouching

This tutorial will show you how to create beautiful model face from ordinary girl photo. I will show you an easy method on how to create a nice looking effect in just a few steps.


10. Beautiful Facial Make Up Photoshop Retouching Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you how you can dramatically change one woman’s face with simple photoshop techniques.


11. Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

Learn how to improve a poorly taken photograph by reducing its noise in this Photoshop subject-enhancing tutorial. You will also discover a fast and simple way for smoothing out a person’s skin with realistic results.


12. Face Makeover

The general ‘makeover’ process is quite simple, and can be done in a matter of minutes.


13. Dodge and Burn retouch tutorial

Learn how tu use Adjustment Layers, Dodge and Burn Tool to achieve similar result if you would used something like Healing Brush Tool.


14. Complete portrait retouching

In this tutorial i will tell you how to make a complete portrait retouch. You will know how to remove blemishes, retouch and enhance the skin, eyes, eyebrows, lips, as well as improve the highlight and shadow to make your picture look natural, vivid and beautiful.


15. Evening Eye Make Up Effect in Photoshop

Today I will show you how to imitate evening eye make up in Photoshop CS3. This lesson will be very useful to those who process the photos for fashion magazines.


16. Make eyelashes thicker


17. Ultimate Makeup

In this article I will guide you through a series of steps to improve skin tones, modify shadow and light patterns to increase the impact, and enhance the eyes and hair to create a striking portrait.


18. Bring Tanned Look to the Skin

I’m just going to be making a nice, hot tanned skin photo effect in this tutorial! If you are interesting, join me!


19. Photo retouch clear face remove spots and freckles

This tutorial will show you how to create beautiful model face from ordinary girl photo. You will also learn how to add makeup as well.


20. Superb Skin Airbrush Technique

In this Photoshop retouching tutorial, you’ll learn how to retouch skin like the professionals. Find out how to make skin look healthy without looking plastic or blurred.


21. Create Digital Makeup

This tutorial will show you how to apply digital makeup and additionally, how to change the eye color, smooth the skin texture of a model and enhance the image.


22. Professional Photo Retouching Bikini Model

In this tutorial, you’ll learn professional methods for enhancing a bikini model photo. Find several Photoshop techniques such as removing unwanted skin blemishes and a digital airbrushing process.


23. Professional Photo-Retouching Video Tutorial: Hair

In this tutorial I will focus on the hair. Before watching please note that there is a lot of information in this video to absorb, so watch and re-watch areas. I’d recommend pausing it at regular intervals before continuing so that you fully understand all the processes.


24. Professional Hair Processing in Photoshop

Here I’ll show you how to make professional processing of hair in Photoshop, add different shades and bring some shine to the hair.


25. Change Hair Color Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how to easy change the hair color in Photoshop.


26. Make Advanced Hair Selections with Masks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make advanced selections using masks in Photoshop CS5.

27. Color hair locks


28. Changing Hair Color in Pictures


29. Vivid Hair With Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to enhance the color of an object, such as a hair, making it more vivid and surely lovely!


30. Luscious Lips in Photoshop

Give your lips a sexy look!

31. Professional Retouching Tutorial

Welcome to the first in a series of tutorials on professional retouching. Ever wondered how commercial and fashion photographs have that beautifully flawless look?


32. Increase Breast Size

Learn how to use the Liquify Filter and the Bloat Tool in this quick and easy Photoshop tutorial.


33. Selecting & Extracting Hair – Masking Tutorial


34. Photo retouching

In this tutorial we are going to practice some amazing Photo effects using Wacom tablet. Of course you will be able to do it with PC mouse. But graphic tablet will save you a lot of time.


35. Intro to Advanced Skin Retouching


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