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5 Common Photoshop Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

Photoshop is the magic wand that comes to everyone’s rescue when they want to chop off certain elements from a picture or change the background of an image or retouch facial elements. Irrespective of whether a person is a professional or an amateur, everyone uses Photoshop in various diverse cases and scenarios. Such an extensive range of application has in fact, given this tool a “verb” status! Just like we say “Google a restaurant”, people now commonly use the term “Photoshop the picture”! However, even small mistakes while using this tool can make your picture glaringly weird and twisted.

If you are looking to add something to your Photoshop skill set and surpass the level of an average Photoshop newbie, here are a few blunders that you need to avoid in order to obtain superior quality results from using Photoshop.

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Overuse of Photoshop

This is perhaps one of the most commonly committed mistakes as when a image is overly edited, it will show out obviously that it has been Photoshopped. Excessive editing will make the person or object in the image look unnatural and unrealistic. Though it is a common practice, especially with magazine covers to radically slim down a woman’s body, it does portray a very freakish image to the viewers. Most people also end up with this error when they want something in the background to catch the attention of the viewer. However, keeping a simple or plain background will make the image more appealing and also make it easier to spot editing mistakes. A restraint hand in the use of Photoshop is likely to give better results than overuse!


Leaving Disembodied Body Parts

This is again a common mistake with magazine images. They spend an enormous amount of time trying to get their model in the perfect pose and then spend hours airbrushing, trying valiantly to convert their subjects into perfect supermodels, that they end up even removing one of their limbs from the picture! There are also contrasting instances when designers will have to remove a person from an image and they will be so engrossed in chopping them off from the image and forget to remove the hands from the picture. This causes too many limbs being present in the picture and result in a very weird image. This is definitely a grave mistake to look out for!


Retouching Only a Part of the Image

Though this might seem like a very dumb error, it is one of the largely committed errors in case of beginners. The excitement and enthusiasm of using Photoshop the first time can sometimes cause people to be negligent and commit this error. People focus only on one area of the image and spend a lot of time trying to get it right. Such partially edited images will look glaringly weird. This mistake is often common with facial images. People tend to concentrate only on the face and forget to look into other aspects such as clothes, body skin tone etc. It is important to look at the whole picture and pay attention to the whole image so as to not have any disparity in texture.


Beautifying is not Always Right

There is a common practice amongst Photoshop users to clear out all the distractions on a person’s face such as moles, freckles, wrinkles etc. It is essential to even out the skin tones and remove noises such as reddishness on the skin or blemishes. But overuse of the plethora of tools available in Photoshop can result in creating pictures that ultimately do not reflect the character of the person. Unnecessarily beautifying a person’s face is not always required and is certainly not right. There is a lot of difference between beauty and fashion photography. Thus, unless required, it is important to remember not to remove the natural elements of a person’s face such as wrinkles or moles, as they portray the true character of the image!


Employing Improper Extraction Methods

This is a huge problem with amateurs and beginners as they are looking for simple and easy techniques to extract backgrounds from images. They make use of the quick select or lasso tool or the eraser tool, all of which are quite simple to master but do not result in the precision or the clarity that is obtained by using the pen tool or masking extraction methods. These might be tricky in the beginning, but once mastered, it is sure to produce some amazing results. Doing some basic refinement in the kinds of tools you use could bring about a significant change in the quality of output!

All the above pointers are simple and easy to understand solutions, which are sure to improve the quality of your Photoshopping efforts! Happy Photoshopping!

Author: Sindhu

Sindhu is a blogger and photography enthusiast. She loves writing photography and photo restoration blogs. She at present blogs for wowApic, a photo restoration services website that specializes in enhancing photographs, touch up, restoration, personalized pop art gifts, photo gifts and more.