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5 Reasons Why Pick a Web Host at BestHostingSearch.com

For bloggers and business owners who want to build a website to start an online business, it is easy to find a web host but hard to find a suitable one perfectly meeting their unique demands. This is the reason why this post is written to introduce a simple way on find a web host. Instead of finding and comparing web hosts, we recommend a professional web hosting review site BestHostingSearch.com. It is an independent and informative web hosting review site having been devoted to introducing unbiased reviews and web hosting ratings since 2006. Picking a reliable web host at this site is more than easy. Here are some reasons why this site recommended in detail.

In-Depth Reviews

The unbiased reviews at the site consist of 2 parts: editorial review and customer review. The editorial review is completely based on the editors’ real hosting experience of at least 3 months – revealing the secrets of the web hosting price, hidden terms, features, reliability, speed and technical support. The customer reviews are submitted by the web hosting real users to show what they are feeling about their web hosts. Each review is verified by the editors for the validity by domain name, DNS, and server IP of the site.


Affordable Hosting Plans

BestHostingSearch.com aims to help webmasters find the best hosting deals fulfilling different requirements, including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers. Considering that budget is an important factor affecting readers’ choice, the recommended web hosting plans are promised to achieve a good balance in budget and service quality. For instance, all of the 5 web hosting solutions listed in the homepage are priced under $5/mo after discount, but they are monitored to deliver at least 99.9% real uptime and provide rich features.

Favorable Coupons

To guarantee that their readers get the best price, BestHostingSearch.com also negotiates with the web hosts for the best coupons. The web hosting coupon page concludes a large number of promotional links and coupon codes which work for the most favorable discounts, helping save hundreds of USD for a single plan. Let’s take some large companies as examples. This site introduces 44% discount for BlueHost (cutting $108 off a 3-year plan), 30% discount for InMotion Hosting, and 30% discount for Arvixe. If you plan to go with any one of these companies, using the promotional links or coupon codes on this site should be the best way to save money.

Helpful Ranking

Choosing a web host can be easier for readers especially the newbie if a review site has selected the top web hosts out of the thousands in the market. At the site, the editors have worked out a lot of rankings in regards to specific requirements, such as Best Linux Hosting, Best PHP Hosting, Best WordPress Hosting, and Best Blog Hosting. For each ranking, there are 5 recommended web hosts. Readers can read nearly all the details about them including reviews, price, technical features, server system information, email specification and free marketing credits. People who need a hosting plan completely meeting their demands shall not miss these rankings.


Web Hosting Guide

The helpful guides are a highlight of the site. Unlike most other web hosting review sites that only provide information about web hosting companies, this site also shares knowledge and experience on many hosting related issues like choosing a proper domain name, deciding the most suitable web hosting type, selecting the best web hosting provider and promoting a website over the Internet. Besides, the guides include several parts containing categorized knowledge and tutorials about blogging, CMS, eCommerce and web hosting development. Readers can easily find answers to the common questions about these topics.


With more than 30,000 unique visits per month, BestHostingSearch.com is a popular and reliable web hosting review site, with which getting an online presence should be simple and fast. For people who need professional and comprehensive information about the web hosting field, it is a good place to go.

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