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Adobe Wave – Beta Release AIR Application

Adobe Wave is an AIR application and Adobe hosted service, a tool that has two main features: an end-user to receive notifications, and at the same time a back-end for sending a new notification. The purpose of this project is “Displaying a desktop notification is as easy as sending an email”.

Why is Adobe Wave useful?

For consumers, first of all instead of installing so many clients, you install only one client. Then from within this client you can subscribe to publishers that you want to receive notifications from. You can think of this system, as a syndication for your notifications. Lets users avoid the email clutter of dozens of newsletters and social network update messages. Consumers, of course, have many options to choose from in terms of web content; notifications are one way to encourage users to return back to the publisher’s.

For publishers, Adobe Wave can help increase traffic by driving users back to the website using scheduled or real-time notifications. It lets you reach users directly on their desktop: there is no need to make them download a custom application or build it yourself. So you will find very useful this app especially if you have a community of people interested in hearing updates about your website, service or business.

Usually notifications can have: a logo, a text message, and a thumbnail. Background and foreground colors can be customized. Each notification carries a call-to-action: clicking directs users to a publisher-specified URL, launches a browser and displays additional information about the alert on the publisher’s website, helping to drive traffic back to your site.

How it’s working?

The Adobe Wave Service is a Software as a Service (SaaS), a fault-tolerant and highly available service infrastructure dedicated to providing reliable delivery of your notifications.

“A REST API enables publishers to reach users on their desktop without requiring the publisher build and maintain their own desktop presence. Then there is the Publisher Portal. It’s a website where you can create and manage notification feeds, including customizing notification appearance and setting up lists of topics for users to follow. After you have your feed perfected, you then invoke the ‘Send Notification’ API to send both global and user-specific notifications.”


Since I am a publisher too I’ll say my opinion from this perspective. I am thrilled to see how fast the web is increasingly about real-time communication. It’s a great technology that let’s you stay in touch with your readers in a direct and easy way, without risking to confront with spam and other dozens of newsletters. Your message gets straight to the destination.

For more information check out the videos for both publishers and consumers. Publishers can also sign-up for a publisher account.

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