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Best Photo Manipulations in Advertising

Photo manipulation ads are superb because their primary reason is to capture audience with a clever idea, story or message. That’s why these kind of advertisement are so inspiring and get to people emotions in a subtle way. The main plan is to stimulate imagination and create the illusion that everything is possible.

Many designers use conceptual photos for ads printing, advertise campaigns, magazine covers and so on to create big impact to the audience. It’s important that the image remains for a long time into people’s head. Using Photoshop and other image editing programs digital artists have created amazing pieces of art that make you believe real magic can exist. If you’re thinking about starting a career in this direction maybe some photo manipulation tutorials around the web should help you in your process.

Here are 30 incredible photo manipulation ads around the world that I’m sure you’ll love to explore and get to know a little about the artist’s way of thinking. You’ll find award winning photos, speechless campaigns and fun images. Enjoy!

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Photo Manipulations in Advertising

Charles Voegele Autumn Campaign 2012

Autumn leaves shape a fox which is placed into autumn forest.


Fundacion Padre Hurtado: Drunk

Brilliant piece of conceptual photo manipulation where you’re the key to save children from their alcoholic parents.


Volkswagen: Up!

It’s great to be small if you’re using a Polo. An old idea executed very well.


Use Your Like Wisely

A Facebook campaign in India where users are cautioned to wisely use the like button.


Life Buoy Hand Wash – You Eat What You Touch

Amazing idea and great execution about washing hands before you eat.


Have An Extra Minute to Talk

It would be cool to have an extra minute to talk.


National Geographic, Dog Whisperer

Interesting advertise concept and great message: “Dogs have issues too”


MASP Art School: Dissected, Dali

Great campaign to attract students to the art school. Salvador Dali is probably one of the best painters of the XX century.


Toyota FJ Cruiser 4×4: Curve

This ad is tricky but try and flip the perspective. The 4×4 Toyota climbs the cliff, smashes the barriers and gets on the road.


London Olympics

Real time photos from the London Olympics 2012.


Get Rid of Grease

This print advertisement clearly suggests that you can get rid of grease if you use the new grill.


Volkswagen Scirocco

An excelent example of how a small car can be powerful.


The New Optimism

How to drop a billion pounds. Campaign for healthier sunflower oil.


Roller Coaster

Face your fear. New Montezum, the biggest roller coaster in Latin America.


Save the Children: Kitchen Circle

70% of abused children turn into abusive adults.


Axe: Revolving Doors

Images of different women were placed on revolving doors. Every time the doors were turned it appeared as the guy is sleeping with a different girl.


Security Systems


Sanofi Targifor: Bicycle

Brilliant illustration and campaign about how you can combat tiredness.


World Water Day


JVC: Choose Later, Skate


McDonald’s: Billy

Make Billy our problem. Have your kid’s birthday party at McDonald’s.


Discovery Channel – Thrill of Discovery


Insurance Plan Superfull


Mercedes Night View Assist: Child


The Sound of Power


Tiger – Cracks


Philips: Shhhhh…

A simple shhhhh… if your lullaby fails. Hairdryers with built in shhhhh feature.


Sportlife: Water fits you


Quebec Automobile Insurance Society: Seatbelts

Buckle up. Stay alive.


Daktarin Powder

Bad smell makes everything looks bad.


Which are the photo manipulation ads that inspire you the most?

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