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Top 20 Alternative Movie Posters

With every great film comes a memorable movie poster. With every great poster there are a wealth of talented designers who use their own skills to make an alternative version of that poster. This post showcases the work of these designers and their skills to create the following twenty posters.

Alternative Movie Posters

The Ugly Truth

We start our list with 2009 film, The Ugly Truth which the following alternative poster shows us. It is a cheeky yet simple poster playing on the two main characters in the film, played by Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.


The Dark Knight

This quirky illustration for Batman: The Dark Knight divides the poster into two- featuring half of Batman’s face, whilst the other half features The Joker’s face. The use of colour makes a dramatic impact between the two-making it an instantly attention grabbing piece of artwork


Iron Man

The first of two Marvel films on our list is this poster for Iron Man. Designed in the shape of the Iron Man helmet; this poster is very simple, yet the colours and shape make it instantly recognisable to all comic book fans.


Jurassic Park

I still remember going to watch Jurassic Park at the cinema and to this day, it is still one of my favourite films. It inspired kids all over the world to think about dinosaurs in a different way and certainly made them feel more real! This post is another simple one but to fans of the film, instantly brings back memories of THAT scene where the T-Rex makes it’s first appearance.



With it complex plot and layer upon layer of drama and tension, the award winning film Inception inspired many great movie posters. One of them being this poster, which features a complex design in the shape of a cube. Given one of the themes of the film being architecture, it’s a great design.



The movie poster for Looper is a clever twist on the plot, featuring the same character, as played by different actors to signify different ages, positioned as a mirror reflection


James Bond 007: Skyfall

I was very impressed with the new James Bond film, Skyfall. It was a good return to form after a bit of a dip with Quantum of Solace. This poster is very interesting showing James Bond and the building which we find out to be his family home where the climax of the film takes place. The same building is featured in the opening credits too but at that point, we’re not to know the significance of it.


Black Swan

Award winning, spectacular and thought provoking, the film Black Swan is portrayed perfectly in this creative and alternative poster. Sticking to a simple colour scheme, this poster features an illustration of an overarching swan, with it’s wings outspread. The silhouette of Natalie Portman’s character’s figure, poised in a ballet position, fills the center of the image, representative of the battle between her two versions of herself.


The Usual Suspects

One of my favourite films of all time, The Usual Suspects has one of the most amazing endings of all time – probably why I like it so much! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the film but for those that have, you will know the meaning of this alternative poster featuring a mug.



Thor is the second Marvel film to make the list and is another favourite of mine. This poster shows us the famous hammer of Thor but also includes small images of characters and snippets from the film itself. If you look closely, you’ll see Loki, The Destroyer and even Agent Coulson.


The Social Network

Based on the true story of how Facebook started, The Social Network is the story of how Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook from his college room. There is some debate as to how accurate the story itself is as well as the depiction of Zuckerberg himself. Zuckerberg was quoted as saying the only bit that was accurate was the choice of wardrobe! This poster is a heavy reference to the start of the film where he scribbles his formulas onto his college room window.


The Breakfast Clubsticks

Quirky, creative and clever- this poster for The Breakfast Clubsticks to a simple yet effective design! Featuring what appears to be a bird’s eye view of the classroom table layout, the artist made use of colour coding dots to signify the different characters.


The Shining

The iconic film The Shining has inspired many great pieces of art in the form of film posters. This minimalistic design takes on a unique approach, by sticking to the “less is more” mantra. Featuring an illustration of a typewriter with nothing else to show, this poster is all about evoking curiosity with its plain design.


Looper – version 2 – by beware1984

Second poster in the list from the amazing film Looper, this poster is a play on the central plot of the film and is very smart, I won’t reveal too much just in case you haven’t seen the film yet.



One of the all-time classic films, Superman is one of the original superhero films that captured the imagination of kids everywhere. Even with the recent reboot and the upcoming Man of Steel film, it is always the originals staring Christopher Reeve that stand out in our mind. This poster plays on the famous hair of Superman.


Home Alone

It wouldn’t be a proper Christmas without watching the Home Alone films! This poster shows Kevin in his famous screaming face, shaped inside a key lock which shows the meaning behind the poster.


Shutter Island

The next poster on our list is from the very powerful film Shutter Island staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo. The poster is very meaningful when you know the full plot of the film along with the ending, so I won’t give away too much! But fans of the film should be able to see the deep meaning behind the poster.


Terminator 2

One of the great films of the nineties, Terminator 2 was a very successful sequel and did very well at the box office. This poster is a very strong reference to the powerful and emotional final scene with both the image of a hand and the quote below.


127 Hours

Based on a true story, 127 Hours is the story of a guy who gets trapped between rocks after taking a fall off his mountain bike in the dry wilderness of the US Midwest. It is a well made film considering that it is essentially only one character all the way through, the ending is also one that is not easy to forget.


The Matrix

To finish off the list, we have this poster from The Matrix which again, is very simple but makes strong reference to an early scene of the film and the constant use of phones throughout for moving in and out of the matrix.


Author: Danny Cooper

This article is written by Danny Cooper, a big movie keep, part-time designer and writer for Print Express Business Cards – a UK based supplier of a range of print supplies.