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35 Best After Effects Tutorials 2013

The After Effects software has similar features to other well-known programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro. It helps the user to create a wide range of visual effects, animated graphs and advanced color corrections necessary for multimedia production. After Effects is a useful tool for many people working in advertising agencies, movies industry, television, or media editing. It offers many innovative options and higher control on graphics.

This program works great for creating image sequences that last less than five minutes. Although you may try to incorporate audio files too, there are other programs more appropriate for this task like Soundtrack Pro, for example. The import of image sequences can be done in many formats such as jpg, png, or Photoshop files. The imported files are called footage. The users of 3D packages turn to After Effects for its lighting solutions and more than 200 animation presets available in many variations. The timeline of the program allows the work with layers so that the user can improve the quality of videos by creating masks, changing opacity, or removing backgrounds.

The main goal of After Effects is to increase the visual impact with dynamic videos made to grab the viewers attention. In fact, it is an advanced instrument designed for special effects that usually does its job after you performed common editing assignments. You could accomplish your editing task with Premiere Pro and then use After Effects to improve sections of the video composition.

The video application After Effects is an excellent choice for the production of highly elaborated videos and effects. People who like using After Effects do not consider it just an advanced tool for editing; they say that you need to use your imagination if you want to get the most of this program. Premiere Pro and After Effects have a lot in common regarding their functionality and features. However, After Effects provides high-end effects and motion graphics performing better with short timelines while Premiere Pro is a long distance runner suitable for complex editing projects.

Here are several After Effects tutorials that will come in handy for you to learn new effects and techniques. Enjoy the collection!

How to Set Up AE for Network Rendering on Multiple Machines


Make a Beautiful Bubbling Particle Reveal

In this tutorial we will be creating a customizable particle reveal using Trapcode Particular.


Set Up a Warping Vector Ribbon Animation

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a warping ribbon around an object, in our case a shape layer.


Sub Surface Skin

Create an illuminated skin effect inspired by Iron Man 3!


Translucent Glass

Create a cool title design using a 3D displacement map.


Facial Displacement to Created Subtle Depth in a Still Portrait

In this tutorial we pay another visit to our pretty lady and explore how we can displace the talent’s face in order to create an optical illusion and making it seem 2.5D


Set Up a Wide Angle Point of View Mirror Effect

In this tutorial I will guide you through the process of shooting and especially compositing point of view mirror effect, where the main character sees himself in the mirror.


Explosive Training


Metro City

Use the new Metropolitan with Element 3D to create a realistic city title.


Creative Fireworks


Hollywood Movie Titles Series – The Great Gatsby

We’re going to be looking at the animation style of “The Great Gatsby”. We’ll make this title style using Cinema 4d for the modeling of the logo and After Effects for the final composite.


Create a dust devil with particles

Learn how to use Trapcode Particular and CC Particle World to make a whirlwind effect entirely in post.


Screen Animations

Use Element 3D to animate an iPhone 5 screen.


How to Suck Energy Out of Someone’s Veins

We’ll create a stabilized Precomp using MochaImport where we’ll create dark veins to simulate energy being sucked from the actor.


Alien Surface

Create a realistic set extension using a Matte Painting.


Produce a hand-drawn aesthetic

In this tutorial, I’ll be using native plugins to distort and roughen digital animation so that it appears more hand-drawn.


Simulate cut-out text

How to create the animated effect of a shape being cut from a surface.


Create a World Traveler Animation to Show Where in the World You’ve Been

In today’s tutorial, we’ll be taking a look at mapping layers accurately upon a sphere, then we’ll create a line that travels between the mapped layers using expressions.


Simulated Scopes

Use After Effects to simulate a variety of optical scopes.


Simple Car Rig

Create a Simple Car Rig with Element 3D!


Hollywood Movie Title Series – The Lone Ranger

Today we’re going to be looking at the animation style of “The Lone Ranger”. We will make this unique title style with Photoshop and After Effects.


Creating an App Walkthrough in After Effects

This tutorial will teach you the basics of creating a walkthrough for apps and websites that can be used to show functionality to clients or to instruct a customer on its use.


Compositing a Reaper Drone in After Effects and Cinema 4D


Generate Your Own Splendid Spirographical Designs

Today, we’re going to resurrect a classic drawing toy in After Effects using an expression tied into a few custom sliders.


Create A Highly Detailed Digital Terrain Scan

In this tutorial we are going to create a 3D futuristic terrain scanner. Step-by-step, we will create monochromatic displacement maps and use them to extrude the 3D mountain like shapes.


Biohazard Logo


Depth Compositing

Use a Z-pass render to combine 2D stock footage.


The Jungle

Create a overgrown jungle scene with rocky title.


Create dripping metal sparks

Dripping sparks work best when they’re barely noticed, just to add texture to a scene, so don’t be too heavy handed.


Generate a realistic heat haze


Creating an Awesome 3D Cloud Fly Through Scene With Horizon

This tutorial explains the steps you need to take to convert an HDRI in Photoshop into a usable file in Trapcode Horizon to create a Skydome and populate it with clouds.


Replace a dull sky

Learn how to create a post-apocalyptic sky look with a rich, dark atmosphere.


Create The Amazing Spider-Man Title Sequence Entirely


3D camera tracking


Make a Chalkboard-Style Scribble and Smudge

In today’s tutorial we’ll be looking at creating a chalk-style scribble based on an image.


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