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Best Free Games Apps for iPhone

Every day, tens of free apps for iPhone are being published on the web. The games designed for iPhone are truly amazing and that’s thanks to the great features it includes, such as multi-touch interface, GPS, real-time 3D graphics, as well as 3D positional audio.

If you’re one of the those people who love to play games on iPhone, than you’ve going to need plenty of time to test them all. To make your life easier, we’ve chosen them for you.  In this article I’m going to present the best free game applications for iPhone that you can download and play, without having to pay a dime. To download a game for your iPhone, just click on the titles.

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1. World Cup Table Tennis Lite

This is described to be the number 1 Table tennis game for the iPhone. If you’re a tennis ninja, don’t miss out on this game.
World Cup Table Tennis™ Lite

2. City Friends

If you’re a fan of Facebook’s Farmville, than you’re going to lose this game. It allows you to build, customize and grow your own city. Pack it with restaurants, cinemas, neighborhoods and whatever else you want to make it your ideal city. Find ways to make you city rich!

3. Bunny Shooter

Fun free game for iPhone where you have to shoot a pink bunny using a bow and arrow. It’s not complicated, but it sure is addictive.

4. High Noon

There are 6 million players that are addicted to this game. It seems like it’s in the top 100 games for iPhone, so it must be good.

5. Eliminate: CO-OP   

Eliminate! There are 10 combat arenas so come up with a strategy and use your weapons and armor to work your way up to the last level.

6. Assassin’s Creed Altaïr’s Chronicles  

This is an amazing action-adventure game that’s now available on the iPhone. The graphics are pretty great also. If you’re into action games, this is definitely the one you should play.

7.Forces of War  

The name of this iPhone app game says it all. Build a strong army, gather your weapons and start annihilating all enemies. Conquer the world!

8.The Godfather™ Empire  

Very cool game for the iPhone for those Godfather fans. Watch out, it’s pretty addictive, even more than a mafia game.


This game is one of the best I’ve played. It’s easy to figure out how to play it and what you’re supposed to do, it’s fun and it’s not that difficult, but enough to make you keep wanting to play.

10.Airline Conqueror USA   

Now this is a game for those plane lovers that’s going to waste a lot of your time, because you’ll want to play it over and over again.

11.iDracula Lite

Can you stand the night? iDracula Lite is an intense survival shooter – the most intense game in the App Store.


12.Real Racing GTI

Get a taste of the excitement, competition and glory of championship racing with Real Racing GTI.


13.3D Checkers

3D Checkers is THE popular American Checkers game for your iPhone or iPod touch.


14.10 Pin Shuffle (Bowling) Lite

10 Pin Shuffle is one of the most addictive, “pick up and play”, 3D bowling games available in the App Store.


15.Whacksy Taxi

Sit in your taxi and experience an adrenaline rush with this unique racing game.


What free games for iPhone has you been playing? Is there one that you keep playing over and over again?

Author: Alice

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