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Blog Action Day ’09 Climate Change

Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. This year the topic is about Climate Change and its impact to almost everything around us, from food, closes, education to traveling, politics, technology and a wide area of other examples.

So I asked myself where to begin with this post, about what should I write that will be worthy to read. The answer: everything! I should write about every thing that is influenced by climate change, because this world that we live in is like a food-chain, everything relates and is interdependent. I often considered that we humans have a symbiosis with things that surround us. But, like I said there is so much to cover that I’ll have to stick to one subject in particular: Technology.

As we know the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are the result of various activities of the mass population. This includes the economics, politics, agriculture, events, business, industry, technology and much more. GHG emissions can be reduced by a decreasing activity from each of the above mentioned areas. When talking about economics and politics you encounter a block of bricks regarding ecological views. But technology on the other hand is a sure thing. In the past years much attention has been directed toward the role of technological improvement has on reducing carbon emissions and its imprint on economic market.

Countries around the world have adopted different policies regarding taxes for residential and commercial purchasers of new energy-efficient homes, energy efficient equipment such as electric and natural gas heat pumps, natural gas water heaters, advanced central air conditioners, fuel cells and many other technological aspects.

Various fields from technological industry have made serious development toward a green and safer world. The automobile industry for example: hybrid cars (Toyota Prius), computers: LCD and Plasma screen, refrigerators, wash-machines and so on. This steps that were made in order to reduce the CO2 emissions will influence other factors especially in the longer term, we just have to imagine the whole picture at this moment. As I sad, our world is interdependent and everything we do reverberates in other ares.

I am glad that bloggers around the world gather and use their online power to make a statement that will matter, that will be heard. The world faces a climate and environment change and now is the time that we make a change to avoid these things to evolve.

5 Eco Tips

To finish this post properly I wrote 5 tips for computer users to maintain a low use of energy during the day.

1. If you take a 10-30 min break turn off the monitor, and if you know you will be gone a while switch off the computer
2. Reduce the paper using by: reading online news, magazine and resort to online payment bills
3. If you upgraded to LCD or Plasma which are more economical by the way than CRT, don’t forget to recycle your old computer components
4. Purchase online products from e-commerce site. This will not only save you a lot of time but will also save gas and lower the carbon emissions that you usually produce when driving to the market
5. During day work use the natural light, first you’ll make an economical energy act and second it’s healthy for your eyes, very healthy!

For more information about the action visit http://www.blogactionday.org

Author: Alin

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