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Weekly Video 11

As I wrote in an early post about the FITC Conference, there were several speakers invited to hold different sessions. But one in particular caught my attention. The presentation about Gaia Framework, an open-source front-end Flash Framework for AS3 and AS2. The introductory was held... Continue reading →

Weekly Video 10

As you know last week there was Flash on the Beach 2009 Conference. So I searched the web for some videos from there and I came up with 3 clips. The first one is the intro for FOTB ’09, the second one is about Flash... Continue reading →

Weekly Video 9

There are some desktop applications that in time I find out they can be very useful tools. One of them in my opinion is Snackr, an AIR app built using Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1.0. So, for this week I found a 5... Continue reading →

Weekly Video 8

Today we want to bring the attention to an Adobe Air application. It’s about iPlotz, a wireframing concepting tool on the market. With this app you can create clickable, navigable wireframes to create the experience of a real website or software application. Continue reading →

Weekly Video 7

Searching some interesting stuff for the Weekly Video section I came up on this tutorial video in wich Ty Voliter, a developer on the Adobe Flash Catalyst Team, demonstrates how to use states and the timelines panel to build an introductory animation in your Flash... Continue reading →
Weekly Video 6

Weekly Video 6

Flash Moto CMS is a revolutionary content management system aimed at Flash developers and designed to simplify the publication of Web content to Flash websites. It delivers an intuitive user experience for content authors and editors and has a next generation administrative tools that will... Continue reading →

Weekly Video 5

As I have seen this week the most popular post was about the AIR applications there for I looked up on YouTube for an interesting video related to this issue. And finally I found something worthy sharing with you. The Inside Scoop about zFlick the... Continue reading →

Weekly Video 4

Because lately we were in topics about the new releases from Adobe, we decided to stick with this subject also in the weekly video section. So for today we chose a video from Adobe Developer Connection, in which Tim Buntel (Adobe Product Manager) demonstrates how... Continue reading →