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30 Celebrity Website Designs That Might Surprise You

We call celebrities those famous people that mostly work in entertainment, although not necessarily. These are widely-recognized people that have built a reputation for themselves and get a lot of public and media attention.

If they’re famous, they probably have a team working on their offline and online image around the clock. So, obviously, this also includes their websites. With millions of fans visiting their sites trying to find out more, we can only assume they invest lots of money into making their website a unique experience for their fans. But do they also succeed?

Curious to see how celebrities’ websites look like? This is a showcase of 30 celebrity website designs we’ve gathered so you can see how famous people are investing their money into their online image. You might be surprised on how some of these websites look like.

Showcase of Celebrity Website Designs

1. Will Smith 

2. Marisa Miller 

3. Lady Gaga 

4. Gisele Bundchen 

5. Justin Timberlake 

6. Madonna 

7. Eminem 

8. David Beckham 

9. Duffy 

10. Taylor Swift 

11. Emma Watson 

12. Paris Hilton 

13.  Adam Sandler 

14. Avril Lavigne 

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger 

16. Beyonce 

17. Bryan Adams 

18. Drew Barrymore 

19. Jackie Chan 

20. Jennifer Lopez 

21. John Travolta 

22. Leonardo DiCaprio 

23. Pamela Anderson  

24. Rihanna 

25. Sylvester Stalone 

26. Kobe Bryant 

27. Tom Cruise 

28. Alicia Keys 

29.  Chris Brown 

30. Naomi Campbell 

Now, if you ask me, I don’t see where all this money is going because most of these websites look like they were designed during a coffee break. What do you think?

Author: Alice

Alice is an enthusiast blogger. She loves to write articles related to web design, WordPress, UI / UX and design trends.