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Creative Doodle Art in Web Design

While many web designers nowadays spend so much time on the web looking for inspiration, sometimes it’s the simple pencil and paper that can help get that creativity flow.  Most of the times, it’s when you feel most relaxed and just play with shapes and colors that you create something amazing.

Doodles are a great way to feed your creativity. Those that might consider them a waste of time are actually the ones that haven’t tried doodling or maybe don’t even know exactly what these are. So, a doodle is a simple or a complex sketch defined by abstract shapes, unusual textures or fonts and different patterns. It’s a form of art that defines a designer’s personality and it can have amazing results when used in a web design, especially a portfolio or a personal website.

Doodles are an experiment every web designer should try at least once. Here’s an example:

So, in this article I’ve gathered a bunch of websites where web designers have experimented with doodles and integrated them in their designs.  Some of these websites are pretty stunning, so go ahead and scroll down to check each of them out.



Robbin Waldemar

Art Attack

Just dot


Legwork Studio


Creative Week


n.design studio


Yellow Bird Project


Kev Adamson

Belzebu de Saia

What about you? Have you every tried doodling?

Author: Alice

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