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Battle Between Custom Web Design and Website Templates

Web Designing is considered as one of the most critical stages we have in the lifecycle of a website, as the entire look n’ feel is reliant on this stage. Depending on the budget, expectations and the desires of a business owner, there are variations made in the level of website design. There are several templates available on the internet with some of the most intriguing designs, which again makes the task of a website designer much easier. However, rarely does a web master realize the difference between a custom-design and a template. Through this article, I would like to present the line of demarcation between a custom design and a template design, along with the perks associated with both. This article will assist those confused in between the two.

Website Owners mostly think of custom design as another pricey option that would deteriorate their budget; however, if you ask me, considering the benefits of custom website development and then weighing your options would be much more fruitful on a long run.

Benefits Of Custom Web Designing


Let us first take into account the benefits of hiring a dedicated web designer:


What’s the fun in having a design that is similar to hundreds other present in the market, on the otherhand, having a website that has its own individual personality is something praise worthy. You can have all the features you want on your website with guaranteed uniqueness. Custom services include certain features that are rarely found in any other website.


Hiring a dedicated web designer will also ensure that your website in absolutely search engine friendly too, thanks to the background coding.

Best Representative

How can you expect a readymade thing to be in accordance to your wishes and desires? In other words, a template can never prove to be the best representation of your company goals and objectives. By hiring a website designer, you have the liberty of offering your views and desired features in written, so that the same can be easily embedded into the final product.

Custom Website is equal to a Dynamic Website

When you offer your vision in written or orally to a web designer, then the future product is created keeping in mind the same considerations, which makes the websites dynamic in nature. In short, there is always a scope for improvements to be employed in the future. However, things go uncertain in case of a design template.

A custom web design will successfully reflect the true image of your business, thereby displaying a true picture of your business.

Website Templates


Website Templates have always been an integral part of website designing; however, the same also is a part of one of the biggest misconceptions that have been surrounding the field. Let us take a look at the benefits due to which templates are popular among the budding web designers today:

They somehow inspire

Yes! Web Designers do take inspiration some of the exceptional templates available on the internet.

Low budget never an issue

There are times when web masters are on a tight budget, if your case is similar then, website template can save you from unnecessary costs.

Save on Development Time

Use of template does save the development time of the process as well, which is also one of the primary reasons why templates are popular among firms we have today.

The Reason Why I Prefer Custom To Template



As you are not the only person able to see or buy the template, there will not be any uniqueness. However, paying an exclusive price to buy the template may guarantee to some extent that nobody would copy the design (That exclusive price might be a big one). Moreover, the person who has paid the same exclusive price prior to you will still have the right to use the design. To your jeopardy, if the design happens to be a popular one, there’s no way you are keeping the stuff to yourself.


Some templates have a very specific coding, which means if you try to customize them as per your convenience, there is a chance that it will break. Besides that, customizing the template would require additional efforts in terms of coding.

Not Necessarily SEO Friendly

As mentioned earlier, the back-end coding of the website does have an effect on its search engine visibility. It is not necessary that a template’s coding is SEO friendly too.

Of course, cross browser compatibility will always remain a big question in case of antiquated coding.


In the end, it very much depends on the business situation of the web master, whether to go for custom web designing or a template. However, custom services can offer you a sharp edge in terms of functionality as well as quality over templates. Whatever the situation may be, a web master can never compromise on the hard work that he has to employ in order to carve a special niche for his website. What a web master actually needs to do is research and brain storming on what should be the apt methodology adopted in order to create a successful website. My vote clearly goes to custom web design due to the dynamic nature and elegance that the service holds. I hope this article was a learning experience for the readers. Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome!

Author: Maneet Puri

Maneet Puri is the Managing Director of professional web design engineering firm ‘Lexolution IT Services’. All these years, as a Web Specialist he has been offering priceless tips and practical web design advices to his global clientele. As an avid writer, he continuously strives to inform his readers on latest web design techniques and notions associated.

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  • question for you: where do you classify a custom theme that sits on top of a CMS like WordPress?

    • Hi Stephan Hovnanian,

      Having a custom theme as good as a custom design, its converted to theme as its to be implemented on open source CMS like WordPress being used for deploying a website. Cheers

  • Awesome post. Thanks for it. A web template is an organization of pre-coded elements and placeholders that make them workable no matter what kind of content you substitute into place throughout the website template.Custom web design is creation of linked pages of a website to your specifications.

  • Thanks for share this awesome information with me…Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software…