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Drupal Website Designs: An SEO perspective

Drupal is one of the most effective Content Management Systems (CMS) of the times. A lot of people today are intimidated by the complexity of Drupal however everyone realizes the kind of flexibility that it offers. This article briefly describes all the advantages associated with Drupal.

Drupal has been a little intimidating in the game of website development. Although most expert Drupal developers swear by the infinite possibilities and benefits associated with Drupal, many entrepreneurs choose to keep it at bay. It is also known that Drupal is a little tough. One the one hand where Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla have made life extensively simpler for the common business owner without any coding knowledge, Drupal here requires a lot of proficiency with coding.


The dark side or a Silver lining?

The debate that has been going on amongst people is whether one can forego the tremendous potential of the kind of flexibility provided by Drupal, in order to partake in the whole ease of access and administration.

The dark side of Drupal is surely the fact that it requires a sound training in coding. This is to say that just about anyone can’t wake up in the morning and decide that he wants a Drupal site and begin work on it. He has to identify a professional Drupal website developer, who has a sound knowledge of the field and has had enough experience in the same direction. You can make post design changes, but this is one of those places where it is best left to the experts.

The silver lining here is the fact that a website made in Drupal offers tremendous flexibility. If we were to believe the ardent fans of Drupal, it can give you customization to the letter T. There is no restriction in terms of a perspective of what can be achieved. The ultimate aim of any website design is to deliver results. Drupal (if done the right way) guarantees excellent results in terms of user satisfaction and customer appreciation.

The SEO take

First things first. Search Engine Optimization plays a critical role in the success of a website. With over millions of websites out there and some hundred thousand belonging to your same industry, one has to be able to get traffic successfully to their own site. You can’t just create a site and leave it there. Unless it is a search engine and crawler friendly, there’s barely a way someone sitting across the world will be able to reach your website, let alone become aware about your brand.

A Drupal website offers many advantages in this regard:

SEO Friendly URL

URLs are basically the ‘name’ of your website. It defines the residence of where your site lives. Into Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla, you do not get any control over the URL.
Yes you may be able to use a pretty permalink for redirection but it’s not even close to the comfortable control offered by Drupal. All the item contents in Drupal often known as a node can be given a customized URL referred to as a URL alias.

It is therefore noted that the search engines fond these URLS very easy to detect. Other CMSes like Joomla are notorious for being not so search engine friendly.

Meta Tags for Optimization

A huge part of the SEO depends upon the Meta tags and cover page titles. Drupal has a layout that enables you to have much control over the titles and Meta tags. This helps you put the desired keywords where you want them to be, without messing up your content.

XML sitemap for Google Web Master Tools

The thing about Drupal is that it is a relatively smart system that requires minimum instructions to carry out tasks. This is why when you create a site with the help of Drupal; it automatically reates an XML sitemap for submission to Google webmaster tools.

This makes it very convenient for the search engine to locate it whenever required.

SEO checklist module

Drupal also provides an SEO checklist module so that you can ascertain that you haven’t missed out on any of the important points that will help in making your site fully compliant with SEO norms to obtain the best results.

Huge User Community

You will find that in spite of its intimidating stature, Drupal has a huge User community. Many people globally appreciate the fact that Drupal is so flexible and can help a business owner achieve many kinds of things that only perfect customization can allow.

In case there is ever a problem with Drupal you can easily search and find innumerable solutions over the Internet. Many Drupal enthusiasts have their own blogs dedicated to Drupal. There are also many threads that cater to the development and distribution of Drupal.

Author: Jack Sutton

Jack Sutton works with VITEB-UK - a custom Drupal website design company based in London, UK. He likes to share her knowledge by researching on various topics relevant to his field and also writes about them when he gets time. You can find him write-ups on different guest blogging platforms.