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Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine – Free Digital Issue

Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine was a bimonthly magazine, distributed in USA, completely dedicated to the Flash world. The magazine stands out to be a source of useful information for the intermediate and advanced Flash & Flex developers.

I say was, because starting with next month, Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine will become a 100% digital publication and absolutely free so that every developer can download an issue with its full content.

The FFD magazine is a source of advanced techniques and applications and is devoted to carrying information on topics such as actions script development, server-side interaction, training, tool reviews, book reviews, and sound and motion animation functions as well as mobile applications.

I red some articles and found them useful. They have a wide in range content that covers interesting topics both for beginner or advanced developers. But from what I’ve seen they mostly focus on articles for those who have experience working on flash platforms. All in all, you will clearly find more information than you expected to.

The issues can be sent by mail to all newsletter subscribers, the only thing you have to do is to sign up for the Newsletter. But if you’re not sure that you like the idea – try out the magazine – 4 back issues to download from here.

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