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Flash on the Beach Conference 2009

In an early post I wrote about The Actionscript Conference, the largest AS conference in South East Asia. And since I’m still in topics about conferences I decided to write about the largest Flash conference in Europe. Of course that is Flash on the Beach.

Flash on the Beach started as a simple Flash conference and the first edition was in ’06 having 550 participants. The organizer and head of this event is John Davey, who attending several Flash conferences as a speaker thought of the importance of having an annual Flash conference in Europe. Since then it has grown quickly and became one of the biggest “Flash -centric” conferences in the world. All the previous editions registered a remarkable growth and success, FOTB08 ending up with 1050 participants.

FOTB09 is taking place at Brighton Beach on the 20th-23rd September and the event promises to be even better then its prior editions. And like the official site describes there will be “nearly 50 of the world’s most talented designers, developers, film makers and artists presenting on 3 tracks over 3 full days. Flash on the Beach brings together the most creative, technical, inspirational, awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining industry leading speakers in the rich media industry.”

But the conference it’s not all about Flash, despite the fact that the title leads you to think so. Of course there will be a lot of Flash, Flex, AIR content but like every year there will be speakers to talk about non-Flash related things. There are sessions on Processing, Photoshop, After Effects, sessions that are purely inspirational, that talk about film making, photography, art, design etc.

The ‘Inspired Sessions’ brings something new to the table this year. Besides the Jam Session (introduced last year) there will be ‘The Elevator Pitch’. The ‘Elevator Pitch’ will give hot new talent the chance to show their best and coolest stuff. There will be 20 ‘newbies’ / ‘oldies’ to the speaking circuit getting 3 minutes each. It’s a real skill to do 3 minutes and get everything across in that time, to show the best work, a new idea, live coding, live drawing, whatever.

If you are from around Europe it’s a ‘MUST GO’ event – Flash on the Beach ‘09 will be an absolute blast. So considering the phenomenal speed of sales from last years, the tickets were sold out way before the event, hurry up and get you’re own ticket as fast as you can. Or you can participate to the draw organized by the team of FOTB, the winning prize being a full 3 days pass.

Got your interest? Then you can read more about the FOTB ’09 on the official website.

Author: Alin

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