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Flash Professional CS5 enables iPhone apps development

At Adobe Max 2009 event, that’s taking place as we speak (4-7 October in LA), during the 1st day there were made several important announcements. But the most exciting one was about the forthcoming beta version of Flash Professional CS5.

The upgraded version of Adobe Flash will allow you to build stand-alone applications for iPhone and iPod using AS3. Through these new features you can use in your development every AIR 2.0 and Flash Player 10.1 APIs available at the moment. Flash Player 10.1 will be available on almost every mobile platform (such as Android,Blackberry etc, not to mention the desktop OS), but I’m guessing that is a matter of time until it will be on iPhones as well, especially with the beta release of CS5 by the end of the year.

There are 7 examples of Flash application and games for iPhone that were developed using a prerelease version and they can be purchased from the App Store. You can see the list here.

A thing you should consider is that the standalone applications build will be native iPhone apps, not the usual swf that we run in the browser. That’s because the final result, the swf file, is compiled using the Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM). This compiler has flexibility and applicability to iPhone development. Thus the result is a native iPhone application.

The developer’s community has been waiting this for a while, and like any other exhilarating news about Adobe products the FAQ list is long and increasing. You can find out more information about this on the Adobe Labs page on the FAQ section. And if you want you can signup to be notified when the beta CS5 is released.

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