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How does Flash Contribute To The Success Of A Website

Gone are the days of static sites, thanks to Flash. This RIA (Rich Internet Application) technology is used on a large scale nowadays to make sites more lucrative and user-friendly. Designers use it to design interactive catalogs, games, portfolios, homepages, presentations and much more to make their site come alive. This and many other reasons contribute towards making a website successful.


Let us take a look at some of the reasons which explain the role of Flash in the success of a website.

Stunning Visual Appeal

If you check online, you will find many lovely looking websites which have been created using Flash and Flash alone. It is the rich look and feel of these sites, which entice the visitors at the very first glance itself. Just think for a while, which site would you like to browse? The one with loads of texts with some images supporting that text or a simple site with fun graphics, interactive animation and minimal text?

This is the power of Flash – It makes a long lasting impression on the visitors. It has the capability of making even the most ordinary looking site into an extraordinary piece of art which in turn, increases the number of potential customers on the site.

High Engagement Quotient

With the advent of Web 2.0, no one is interested in static website pages anymore. Even school-going kids are designing better, dynamic web pages these days. One of the main technologies that help create a dynamic web page is Flash. It engages visitors by using graphics, intuitive menus and animations and other elements.

Suppose you are designing a website for a photo studio using Flash. You can present the portfolio of the studio in an interactive way to the visitors by displaying animated Polaroid images with the name of categories written on them. When users click on any category, say ‘wedding’, the Polaroid image will dissolve to make way for a film reel, displaying some of the wedding photographs. This is more real-time and thus, it will have a high engagement quotient.

Ability to Generate High Level Of Interest

I have come across many websites which use Flash intros to highlight their company profile, take the visitors on a virtual tour of the company’s facilities and/or services or display their best-selling products. This piques up the interest of the visitors and they are eager to know more about the website and the products (like I was). Similarly, you too can use Flash intros and other Flash based elements to make your website exciting and more interesting for the end-users.

Recall Value

Generally, visitors go through a number of websites each day and forget about most of them as soon as they exit the sites. This is because most of the sites look similar to them; they do not find anything new or exciting in them so much so that they are memorable.

This problem is fixed by Flash. Replace lengthy content with interactive, animated images on your webpages using Flash which the users will be able to relate to. This will increase the recall value of the users. Take a look at this site to know what I am talking about.

Lends uniqueness to the site

Let your creative juices flow as there are endless possibilities in which you can make use of Flash to change the look and feel of the site; use Flash templates and banners or other components and give your site a complete makeover. Also, you can experiment with it the way you like and create a site can’t be replicated.

Here are two random ideas you can draw inspiration from:

  • Use an animated solar system on your site to introduce a team
  • Use a dartboard with the website menu displayed on the board; when users aim and hit a menu item, he/she will be redirected to that page

Creates an impact

Flash websites can facilitate conversion ratios if used in the right manner. It plays an important role in building brand awareness. All you need to do is use an interesting Flash animation or game related to your business of product on your site which will leave an impact on the mind of the visitors and impress them. Reading pages and pages of text won’t create such an impact will it? And when your users are impressed, they will definitely take the desired call-to-action without a second thought!

These were some of the points which explain how Flash can contribute to the success of online websites.

Author: Hazel Raoult

Hazel Raoult is working with PLAVEB- web design company in Los Angeles, CA. PLAVEB offers professional web design including flash web design services. She likes to watch movies when she is not busy with HTML codes and pixels. Her write-ups allow her to share her knowledge with like minded people.