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A quick look inside FlashUser.net

FlashUser.net helps creative Flash developers and designers from all over the world to save time and money for their projects. By following our posts you will easily create more effective Flash designs or add value to your Flash software and applications.

Our aim is to simplify your daily Flash tasks and provide useful quick tips and tricks and comparison between various Flash products available on the market that take too much time to develop yourself or search the net on tight deadlines.

If you create HTML web site layouts having embedded Flash objects such as XML driven Flash Menus, Flash Galleries, Flash Slideshows, Flash Banner Rotators or if you develop full Flash site templates and applications and need to choose the right Flash component for your project, FlashUser.net is your ultimate Flash Components reviews and essential ActionScript techniques resource.

Author: Alin

Passionate about web and graphic design, photography and climbing. Follow me at Twitter , Facebook and Google+