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Free 3D Text Objects Rotator

Free 3D Text Objects navigation for your application, along with advanced camera controls, click&drag, perspective, depth, fading and much more! XML configuration file easy to setup.


  • XML configuration file easy to setup
  • Includes support for images, titles, descriptions and links
  • Allows interconnections between any two points and it can be used as a 3D carousel, 360 view object rotate and any combination in between
  • Easy to customize the individual segments color/thickness, fading, perspective and rotation speed
  • Includes optional description box with highly customizable/adjustable scroll bar to display content after a menu item is pressed
  • Click&Drag mouse support

Download file from here


You are free to use this flash 3d text carousel files in any project personal / commercial as long as you not redistribute / resell the functionality provided with the downloaded product without the author’s written permission. You may modify its content in case you want to use the product for a custom project.

Author: Alin

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