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Free Icon Font Sets for UI Design

Using icon fonts as an alternative for image symbols and decorations is a good step in creating a website that has a user-friendly interface. There are many high-traffic sites who have already replaced all their images with symbol fonts. Why? Symbol fonts are made of vectors that don’t create problems for users with a high display resolution, whereas images are designed to be used at a specific resolution.

Modern displays use very high resolutions, so the images have to scale up in order to fit the size of the display. Because of this fact, images become unclear. Symbol font vectors can scale up endlessly both up and down without getting that fuzzy appearance. One other great thing is that the vector fonts are easy to integrate with your user interface design and the loading time is much faster than a raster image.

How to use icon fonts?

Typing a certain letter produces a specific image. For instance, typing an “m” would produce a vertical arrow, while typing an “a” would produce a tiny envelope. These fonts can be introduced with CSS or JavaScript. A problem occurs when the JavaScript or CSS fonts fail to load. In this case, you’ll see the “a” letter instead of an envelope. It is unusual to see strange letters displayed all over the web page with no sense.

In this article you’ll find the most popular icon font sets preferred by both small and high-traffic websites. Hope this collection will be useful for your future web projects.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome contains more than 300 icons available for free. There is only one font file which includes all the icons. They are vectors perfect for retina displays offering at the same time infinite scalability, which means that they would look perfectly in all sizes.


Pulsar JS Icon Fonts

Pulsar JS comes with some of the most popular icons used in mobile development.


Ico Moon

Ico Moon App gives you the opportunity to browse through 3800+ free vector icons.



Entypo Pictogram package has more than 250 hand crafted fonts icons. The character map is available at the link from above.



Rondo contains only social icons and can be easily implemented in any web project.


Elusive Icons Webfont

Elusive Icons Webfont is bootstrap-based. They also come together with all the icons in .svg format so you can modify the vectors as you like.


Pictonic Icons


Open Web Icons


Symbol Signs

Symbol Signs is a collection of 50 symbols, it is free of charge and comes in Open Type format.



It is a set of weather icons available in multiple formats including PSD, EPS and SVG.






Signify Light

Signify Lite offers you a variety of scalable and flexible font icons. The Lite package contains 38 hand-crafted icons that can be used in all your projects.


Modern Pictograms


JustVector Social Icons Font


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