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Free jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

jQuery galleries and jQuery slideshows become more and more popular because they are very fast, can create smooth animations and are supported by any kind of device, especially mobile devices ( Android and IOS mobile devices such as iPad2, iPad3, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab ). Many users integrate free slideshows in their web templates, so that web development is less time consuming and more effective.

Although there’re a lot of jQuery image sliders on the web, always will be place for more. Web developers do their best and they exceed the expectations every time when a new jQuery slider is released. Create a simple image rotator for your personal website is quite simple and there are tons of tutorials and free galleries on the web. A slider should always have an amazing image transition effect, animations text captions and optionally navigation buttons.

For today I would like to show you two great free jQuery sliders that will inspire and make use of them in your projects. These sliders are lightweight versions and will come in handy for anyone who need a fancy image gallery on their website.

Accordion Gallery


This free image jQuery js Accordion plugin template is an easy to use menu or gallery , that can be adapted for your websites ( html, wordpress, joomla ). The jQuery component is available on both horizontal and vertical orientation. Some of the features includes autoplay, scroll, click or hover image actions.

  • Easy to customize via JavaScript parameters
  • Accordion orientation : horizontal & vertical
  • Multiple accordions on the same web page support
  • Autoplay Slideshow mode vailable
  • AutoPlay / Previous / Next buttons configurable via CSS file
  • Expand the accordion by hover or click events
  • Add captions with simple text or HTML text
  • Smooth text animation paragraphs
  • You can scroll along multiple slides
  • Cross browser compatibility: compatible with all major browsers
  • Set external URL links for each slide
  • Available quick doscumentation Help file

Cover Flow Gallery


jQuery Cover Flow Gallery displays the images in real 3D coverflow mode and you can set for each photo an external url link to a target window. This js component can be used to animate photos in an image flow style or as a slideshow menu for products portfolio presentations.

  • Set the component width and height
  • Multiple cover flows on the same web page support
  • Auto play ( slideshow ) function for play/pause buttons, configurable via CSS file
  • Time period adjustable from the cover flow property options
  • Optional scrollbar navigation support
  • Image Tooltips available
  • Set cover flow background color
  • Set URL links when pressing on individual images
  • Cross browser compatibility: compatible with all major browsers
  • You can specify the first image to show
  • Available quick doscumentation Help file

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Author: Alin

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