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Freebie: Flash 3D Scene AS2

For those who want to create a 3D environment in Flash using Actionscript 2.0, here’s a tool that will come in handy. It’s about the Flashtuning 3D Scene component that can be used to build and/or navigate a 3D interactive scene or interface in Flash.

You can specify any kind of object, animated or simple artwork, also you can control the fading effects, perspective, keyboard and/or mouse enabled movements, rotation so you can setup your desired 3D environment.



  • Perspective and depth manipulation to create your 3D space
  • Camera proximity and vanishing point customizable fading for objects
  • Camera keybord controls for movements and rotations through the 3D scene objects with custom animation characteristics
  • Move and rotate the cameras and objects using ActionScript functions and built in easing and easing duration
  • Multiple cameras support allows you to dynamically change the active camera
  • Look and lock camera mechanism allows focusing on a certain point or object at a time
  • Send/receive data to/from a server side script (eg: PHP,ASP,CFM)
  • Built in Help Book that can be accessed via the Flash Help Panel

Download Flashtuning 3D Scene (click on the Free Download link above the example)

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