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Freebie: Flash Component Progress Bar

This freebie comes from Flashtuning, a great flash developer. The Progress Bar component monitors the progress of loading content from multiple sources. It’s a Flash MXP file so for using you must install it through Adobe Extension Manager. It’s very well documented and has a built in Help Book, that can be accesed via Flash Help Panel. Available for ActionScript 2.0.

Here are some of the features:
* Multiple source objects support of different types (eg. movie clip, XML, sound, loader)
* Choice of fill direction
* Customizable skins on a per instance or global basis
* Choice of different display modes
* Choice and adjustment of progress bar fill easing types
* Automatic/Manual progress

If you can’t handle how to install it, a quick start guide is available on his site. Also check his portfolio for other awesome flash files.


Get Adobe Flash player

Download the file

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  • Thanks, but i can’t seem to find the link for progress bar.

  • Follow the “Download the file” link below the example, and you will be redirect to the homepage of the ProgressBar where is a link “Free Download” buttom left as the page opens. Click the icon beside the link and download it.

  • @flashuser

    Thank, i see it.