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Freebie: Good looking Fluid Contact Form

This free flash file is really great and will help you bring a new look to your projects. It provides extended control over any field within the contact form Movie Clip and adapts automatically for user text input.

The file is easy to use and customize, you just need to open the FLA file and you can adjust the graphics and the parameters values according to your needs. The form fields are dynamically checked while entering text, when the green text appears means that the field you completed is valid. The email input text has a basic email validation. The code is very well commented so you can modify the parameters easily.

The Fluid Contact Form is built in Actionscript 2.0. You are free to test and use it and don’t forget to give us credits.

Author: Alin

Passionate about web and graphic design, photography and climbing. Follow me at Twitter , Facebook and Google+

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  • Thanks for Sharing!

  • Lady

    Thanks for sharing but…it only works with php, right? I didn’t see where I can put the e-mail that will receive the formail.

  • you must upload the contact form files to a server that has php installed.

  • ricardo

    Thanks for Sharing!

  • unsure user


    Looks great, two things I am pretty new at this so forgive me for the daft questions, where do I put the email address in to the action script? and secondly I take it the question to put email address in can be used as an email grabber?

    Thanks, looks really cool and would love to use this when I get my website complete.

  • enter your email address in the contact.php file. You have a variable there called $recipient

  • spillaStada

  • Enzo

    Hey, tanx for sharing, but can u help me out?
    inside the flash file, the actionscript thats says //location_ = “http://yourdomain/yourscript”;
    what do i use for my script?
    tanx again

  • Thank you!

  • ggggggggggggggggggg