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Freebie: Movie Credits Flash Component

We begin this week by offering you a very useful free file from Flashtuning. It’s about an AS 2 flash component that can be used for displaying credits for a movie, video clip or product. All you have to do is configure a XML file and change some parameters in the Component Inspector according to your needs.

If you plan to use custom library fonts it’ll be no problem, change the Embed Font property and the text will appear on the web page exactly as in your Flash movie.

And here is a quick tip for install the mxp file and modify the properties.

1. After you download the file, go to pack directory, where the movieCredits.mxp file is located.

2. Double click on the movieCredits.mxp and the Adobe Extension Manager will open. Click Accept to install the component.

3. Go to Window-> Components-> VD-> movieCredits. Drag it on the Stage.

4. Select movieCredits then open Components Inspector (Window->Component Inspector) and change the properties.

For more Flashtuning files visit http://www.flashtuning.net .

Author: Alin

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  • Wow! It’s so kind from FlashTuning side to share this flash component for free. I’m still thinking on where to use it but for sure will do that soon. 🙂

  • great tips! thank you for posting this component. I’m going to use it for sure!

  • Wowww fantastic. Thanks for share it. Keep it up

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