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Gaia Flash Framework – A Great User Experience

Surfing the internet I found several good looking flash websites developed with Gaia Framework. So I decided to write a briefly post about this awesome product. For those who want to find out more about this flash framework check out the Gaia website.

1. What? (is Gaia)

Gaia is a lightweight, easy to use framework that takes care of low-level functionality such as navigation, deep linking, and transitions. It is an open-source front-end Flash Framework for AS3 and AS2 designed to dramatically reduce development time.

Here are some of its most powerful features that makes Gaia a great framework for flash developers:

  • Revolutionary scaffolding tool that helps you build working skeletons of your site in just a few minutes
  • Simple API for Navigation, Transitions, Preloading, Asset Management makes development a snap
  • Deep Linking achieved through seamless integration with SWFObject and SWFAddress
  • SEO Scaffolding makes Search Engine Optimization as easy as pressing a button
  • Easy to learn(for novices) and powerful enough to support advanced coders who wouldn’t normally use a framework

Gaia is targeted at people who want to work smarter, faster and be able to quickly react to client changes. This framework is a tool to help you meet deadlines in fast-paced environments.

2. Why? (should I use it)

If you build Flash web sites, or you’re interested in building Flash web sites, definitely check out Gaia. It uses a custom Flash panel and a site XML file to make setting up and developing a Flash site very easy. This framework shaves days off of your site build times and allows you to focus on the content. Between the API, the Gaia Flow options, Event Hijacking and page and asset targeting, Gaia gives you fast ways to implement solutions for anything you want to do. Gaia AS3 is 37.7k, and AS2 is 30k, which means it doesn’t have much code to manage.
And to be honest I didn’t quite tested the framework myself by building a complete website, but in the future, depending on my time I’ll finish the task. From what I’ve heard it is a real time saver and gets out of the way letting you to focus on the important stuff of the application. And by all means that is great.
It also has a very explicit documentation and great support from an active community.

3. Who? (created it)

Steven is the author of the Gaia Framework for Adobe Flash. He is a Flash development expert with over 13 years of programming experience and a penchant for user experience, usability and workflow. Since the dawn of the internet, Steven has been involved in both the online and desktop application industries.You can visit his site here.

4. When? (it was released)

Gaia Framework was first released in June 2007. Since then it has quickly become the most popular front-end Flash framework in the industry.

5. Where? (can I download it)

The latest version of Gaia can be found here.

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