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Get Adobe Edge and Create Interactive Animations with HTML5

Adobe launched its newest tool dedicated to HML5 and CSS3 animations at the beginning of this month. The web is constantly evolving and the focus is on creative interactive animations.

With Adobe Edge, users can create web content with motion and transitions by using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Yes, it does not include Flash but don’t get the wrong impression.  This great tool was not built to replace the already existent web designs tools such as Flash or Dreamweaver, but to complement and coexist with them.  However, since the focus seems to be on HTML5 when it comes to creating web content for the mobile, by creating this tool Adobe wants to safeguard its position as a web technology leader.

Adobe Edge allows motion designers to easily create advanced animations in a matter of minutes.  Download it and have fun with it. There are a lot of features missing but that’s because it’s only a preview.

For now, you can download Adobe Edge for free and that’s because they are looking to get feedback from users in order to improve the tool and shape the final product.

To download it, visit Adobe Labs.

Author: Alice

Alice is an enthusiast blogger. She loves to write articles related to web design, WordPress, UI / UX and design trends.

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  • HTML5 is the future of animated web content and I guess Adobe is aware of this and wants, naturally, to secure its top position. This seems like a great opportunity to test Adobe Edge for free and many will grab it.