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15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers

Google Chrome became an overnight success thanks to its minimal interface that made it easy to use and extremely practical. It rapidly grew to be one of the favorite browsers used by both Mac and Windows users not only because it’s fast but also because of the variety of extensions that are constantly being added to their system.

For all Chrome fans out there, whether you are a web designer or a developer, we’ve gathered an awesome collection of 15 useful and popular Google Chrome extensions you’re going to love. These are meant to make your life easier, so check them out!

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Google Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers

1. Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite lets you visualize the information you are used to seeing with Firebug, such as HTML and DOM elements, as well as Box Model shading. The cool thing about it is that you can inspect HTML elements using your mouse and edit CSS on the spot.

2. Live CSS Editor 

The Live CSS Editor allows you to write CSS in a text box and then you can see the changes on that HTML page right away. So, if you need to test things, edit stuff on your site quickly to see how it looks like, this is the tool to use.

3. Stylish 

Use this stylish extension to redesign the visual style of a site the way you want to. For instance, if you want YouTube to appear blue or some other color, Sylish can help you with that. It’s simple and you don’t need to edit any code.

4. Aviary Screen Capture

This cool Chrome extension allows you to capture any website page and then edit it usign Aviary’s advanced tools, specifically built for web designers and developers. You’ll be able to manipulate images easily using Photoshop-like tools.

5. Lorem Ipsum Generator 

Neat Chrome extension that generates random “Lorem Ipsum” text. It uses the minimum amount of code to help you get the job done easily and quickly. Very useful to fill in mockups with some text.

6. Window Resizer 

Very useful Chrome extension that allows you to resize the browser’s window to different popular resolutions. It will show you how your designs look at various resolutions so you know what changes to make so it shows perfectly.

7. Google Font Previewer for Chrome 

Great Chrome extension that allows you choose fonts from the Google Font directory and then preview them on your current page. It’s extremely useful for when you’re designing a page and want to quickly pick a font that fits your design.

8. Check My Links 

Neat Chrome extension that works like a link crawler – it checks the links on your web page and finds the broken ones. Makes your life a lot easier and saves you a lot of time.

9. Grayscale 

This Chrome extension shows your page in grayscale so you can determine where you need to add more contrast and correct other flaws in your designs. It’s extremely useful in terms of usability.

10. WhatFont 

WhatFont makes it extremely easy to identify fonts on web pages. If you like a font used on a site and want to find out which one it is, use this tool. It will tell you the font family, as well as the fonts size and line height used.

11. Guides 

Very useful Chrome extension to ensure your website is pixel-perfect. It checks distances, allignments and more.

12.  HTML Instant 

HTML Instant is a real-time HTML editor that allows you edit code and in the left pane it shows you exactly how it will look like live. Edit the code and see instantly the changes on your page.

13. SEO & Website Analysis 

With this Chrome extensions you can get an in-depth SEO analysis of your website. The report is detailed and it includes: traffic estimation, Alexa ranks, Compete rank, as well as keyword analysis to ensure you’re optimizing your pages correctly.

14.  Eye Dropper 

Very cool Chrome extension that allows you to pick colors from any web page. It will also keep a history of the colors you found.

15. Web Developer 

This Chrome extension includes various useful web developer tool in a single toolbar you can access easily. It’s a very popular extension that’s being usef by a lot of web developers.

Now it’s your turn to tell us – what’s your favorite Google Chrome extension?

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