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Heading to the Internet to Expand Your Business

You own your own business, and things are going well, but new business isn’t exactly pounding down your door. One easy way to expand your reach and your customer base is by going online and setting up a website. You may be asking, what can a website do that a commercial or the good old Yellow Pages can’t? The answer is, a lot. This article breaks some of those benefits down.

Benefits of Online Marketing

According to Forbes magazine, several studies confirm that consumers are going to the Internet first when they need to look for a new product or service. The Yellow Pages ranked second or third. So you’re getting that initial exposure by having a website. Also, you can say things on your page that you can’t fit into a 30 second television ad or on a billboard. There is a lot more space online, along with the option to have multiple additional pages in addition to your initial home page.

What Should a Web Page Include?

When it comes to setting up your page the way you want it, you can use a business website builder to help you get started. Many of them are free and allow for customization, so you can make sure all the information you’re trying to relay is included. One tab should explain to potential customers who you are, what you do and what your background is. This gives them solid information they wouldn’t have if they just drove by your building or saw a billboard on the side of the road.

Another important part of any business page is a contact form where customers can fill out a request for more information or ask a specific question. Remember, your business isn’t open 24 hours a day, but your website is. If someone needs a service that you provide, and it’s after hours, they wouldn’t be able to call your business to find out if you could help. But, they could go online and get information about what you do, which may lead them to seek out your services. An additional benefit to this is that it doesn’t require someone to sit and answer the phones. Many people will be able to get the information they need just by visiting your site, with no effort on your part once you have it set up.

Measuring Success

So, once your site is up and running, how do you measure its success? There are several ways to do this. One, check your page views. Are people going to your site? Are those customers then coming into your business? Make sure you’re asking new people walking through your door how they heard about you. Chances are, it will be your website. Another way to measure success is by advertising a special service or adding a coupon exclusive to your website. When customers come in with the coupon in hand or ask for the special service, you will know your website is working for you.

Business Website Examples

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