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Tips & Tricks 6: How to Create a Countdown Timer in Actionscript 3.0

I will show you how to create a simple yet effective countdown timer in ActionScript 3.0. It counts from days to seconds and it’s useful when you schedule anniversaries, appointments, holidays.

1. Create a dynamic TextField and aligned to the right.

2. Give it an instance name, I call it countdown_txt.

3. In the first frame of the scene open the Actions tab and paste this code:


function startMovie(e:Event) {

var today:Date = new Date();
var curTime = today.getTime();

var myRetirement:Date = new Date(2050, 7, 9);// 2050 August 9 — months are from 0 to 11

var myRetirementTime = myRetirement.getTime();// get the time in miliseconds of myRetirement
var timeLeft = myRetirementTime-curTime;

var seconds = Math.floor(timeLeft/1000);
var minutes = Math.floor(seconds/60);
var hours = Math.floor(minutes/60);
var days = Math.floor(hours/24);
var years = Math.floor(days/365);

seconds = String(seconds%60);

if (seconds.length<2) {
seconds = "0"+seconds;
minutes = String(minutes%60);

if (minutes.length<2) {
minutes = "0"+minutes;
hours = String(hours%24);

if (hours.length<2) {
hours = "0"+hours;
days = String(days%365);

if (days.length<2) {
days = "0"+days;
years = String(years);

var count:String = years+":"+days+":"+hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds;
countdown_txt.text = count;


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Author: Alin

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  • Cesar

    how can you make it so when it hits 0:00:00 (target date) it displays a message instead of counting up?

  • All you have to do is test the timeLeft variable. Here is the code for that. Delete the line 41 and 42 and paste this code:

    if(timeLeft <=0)
    countdown_txt.text = "Happy Birthday!!!";
    removeEventListener("enterFrame", startMovie);}
    var count:String = years+":"+days+":"+hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds;
    countdown_txt.text = count;

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