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Cool HTML5 Tools to Jazz Up The Design Process

Unless you have been living in the world of the fantasy and fairies, I can safely reach the conclusion that you are well aware of the immense popularity of HTML5. So, as you are aware of the exponential growth of HTML5 and the changing landscape, we can hope that as a designer you will be trying your level best to attain mastery on this. Now, as we all know it, HTML5 is a new kid around the block and that means, it may take some doing from your part to be able to get the hang on this programming language. So, you might need some sort of tools that can help get things done fast when you will be developing something cool with this new poster boy – HTML5.

Before we proceed any further, we need to get ourselves acquainted with some interesting aspects of HTML5. Contrary to what we believe or at least tend to believe, HTML5 is backward compatible and that means, you would not have to worry about how your previous development projects done in XHTML1 or HTML4 would look like. They will be just fine! HTML5 is not a new language; rather it is an upgraded version of the traditional HTML. So, hopefully, you would not have much difficulty learning it. And of course, HTML5 makes it extremely easy and fun to add interactive elements on web pages. Adding animations, graphics, fonts, audios, videos etc is fun with HTML5.

So, enough with this introduction part, let us get nosey with some of the most coolest HTML5 tools that can save a lot of your precious time and help you emerge as a better developer.

Online Sprite Box Tool

This one is my favorite and it does a wonderful job by letting you compress images fast and that too without making any sacrifice on the quality front. This too let you put all the images in a single ‘Sprite’ and thereby reducing the number of HTTP request. This help you reduce loading time by doing this simple trick. For you information, this tool is combination of the holy trinity of the web – HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.


Online HTML5 Audio Maker Tool

It is nice to see an increasing number of websites are harnessing the power of audio tag introduced by HTML5. In fact, web without sound is a bit boring but not anymore. Thanks to the introduction of audio tag, With this tool, you would be able to make audio files and that too without burning much of your productive hours. It is simple and immensely easy. Try it.


Online SVG to HTML5 Canvas Tool

As you are aware of, most graphic art packages can be used only after they are being exported as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). But you simply cannot use those SVG directly on a web page. You need to get these files converted into HTML5 canvas equivalents. With this amazing tool, this conversion thing can be done in a jiffy.


Shape Catcher

If you want to find a Unicode character just draw something in the box.


3D Sketch Tool

Cool! This is the kind of expression that this tool is likely to draw from its users. As you have already guessed, this is not another run of the mill painting tool. Nope, this is 3D sketching tool that exploit the power of HTML Canvas. To see this thing in action, all you have to do is to hold the Space Bar and then drag your Curse horizontally. It will make the canvas rotate in 3D. Impressive tool that you need to get your hands on.



Crossbrowser audio solution that comes with a lot of options to customize.


Font Testing Tool

Fonts have the biggest bearing on the readability of a website but it always gives web designer a hard time when they are being asked to choose the best font of a website. This tool essentially does the trick. You can use this tool to change the font type of a web page and see how it looks without making any changes on the HTML and CSS. Does not that sound cool? Yeah of course.


Pattern Generator

Do not like to use background images to deck up look and feel of the website as it can have adverse impact on the loading time? Well, you would not have to because HTML5 gives you a cool option to use Canvas as a background. With this tool, you will be able to generate pattern almost instantaneously.


Sketchy Structures HTML5 Canvas

Do you have a taste for whacky thing? Well then my friend, you need to try this amazing tool that will let you draw crazy thing that you might have only dreamed about so far. Change the Opacity and use your mouse to open up the floodgate of creativity.


Chrome Ajax Animator

This is the most versatile and the most powerful tool built for HTML5 that you can ever come across. As the name suggest, this web-based animation suite will let you create animation and since the animation is built with HTML5, you can be sure of one thing that the animation would not have any issues when viewed on iPhone, Android or any other devices that generally do not offer support for flash.



As the name suggest, this tool does a detail map of a web page with a single click. Just add the bookmarklet onto your bookmark bar and then visit the web page you want to analysis and then click on the element that you want to analysis. All the design that you need is available with this superb awesome tool.


Author: Chace Moneith

Chace Moneith is a passionate blogger and loves writing on web design related topics. He is currently promoting MotoCMS HTML templates that are making it easy for people to design and develop a website in an instant.