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15 Perfect HTML5 Video Players for Your Projects

HTML5 video player is one of the most notable new feature in HTML5. You can embed videos without the use of Flash. Simply add the < video > tag into your HTML5 file and your movie will play smooth and more importantly you will not need to wait for the video to buffer.

HTML5 Media Players are custom Javascript libraries that help the user to watch a video in different HTML5 browsers without problems of compatibility. The goal for the future is to have one method of embedding that will work everywhere. Some developers have already created interesting video players that you can download and explore the features they provide. More importantly all the players can be customized with the help of CSS in order to match perfectly with your HTML5 website design.

In this post we’ll showcase to you a list of best HTML5 video players to test and adapt for your projects as the new video marketing trends are fastly growing . The media players are easy to customize and support Flash fallback for older browsers.

Free HTML5 Media Players

Open Standard Media (OSM) Player

OSM Player is a media player framework that allows tight integration into multiple 3rd party media solutions such as YouTube and Vimeo. It’s highly customizable and you can modify any element of the player. One of the great features is the playlist, so you can have a list with your videos.



Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that manages the fallback to Flash or other playback technologies when HTML5 video isn’t supported. The control skin is customizable and has some extra features fullscreen and subtitles support.


FlareVideo HTML5 Player

FlareVideo is an open source and free for commercial use HTML5 video player that supports Flash fallback. It comes with 3 default themes but you can customize your own theme via CSS file. Simple options to handle such as autoplay, fullscreen, width & height and key shortcuts.



A free, open source (GPL) HTML5 based video player written in Javascript. It supports true fullscreen, playlists, Flash fallback and pre / postroll ads to generate revenue from your videos.



MediaElement.js is a Javascript library that helps you build custom media players with the HTML5 < video > and < audio > tags. It has support for older browsers via custom Flash and Silverlight players that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API.



MooPlay brings javascript controls over an html5 video element. The video element methods can be called by other scripts, MooPlay objects will adapt themself to any state changes. You can customize progress bar, volume slider, subtitles, fullscreen.


LeanBack Player

LeanBack Player is a Javascript based HTML5 Media Player UI that supports multiple HTML5 < video > and < audio > elements, subtitles through HTML5 element and custom skins via CSS file. It’s compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera) and most of the mobile system operation platforms (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows phones).



jPlayer allows you to rapidly weave cross platform audio and video into your web pages. It’s free and open source with no licensing restrictions. It has a comprehensive documentation, a getting started guide and demos, all you need for embeded in your html5 website.



SublimeVideo maximizes the use of HTML5 in the latest browsers, while providing full support for legacy browsers with automatic Flash fallback. Supports multiple videos via playlist, easy installation, support for any browser or device and WordPress plugin available.


Premium HTML5 Video Players

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist

HTML5 Video Player with playlist is awesome if you want to share your own movie creations. Video Player works on all modern browsers, it’s based on jQuery JavaScript Library and supports fullscreen in Window Mode.


View Source | Price: $7

Responsive Video Gallery HTML5 Youtube Vimeo

Responsive layout with Support for HTML5 & Flash video, Youtube and Vimeo. The image thumbs can be vertical / horizontal and the playlist position, right / bottom. Optional automatically generated video info for youtube and vimeo (video title / description in playlist)


View Source | Price: $10

HTML5 Video Player with Playlist & Multiple Skins

HTML5 video player comes in two versions: Right Side playlist and Bottom Playlist. You can choose from 5 skins, supports full screen, autohide controllers, autoplay, description for video.


View Source | Price: $13

Ribbon Player – HTML5 Animated Video Player

When you hover over the video, the controls animate in like a ribbon, wrapping around the video. It is incredibly customisable with 8 different colours and 5 additional styles to choose from.Check out the video preview to see it in action!


View Source | Price: $7

HTML5 Blue Video Gallery

The video gallery uses the latest html5 techniques and works in all major browsers environment – including IE through flash fall-back. It’s fully skin-able with basic CSS.


View Source | Price: $7

JQuery Html5 Video Player

This is a fantastic HTML5 video player based on jQuery JavaScript Library. This script doesn’t require any extra Browser Plugins to display HTML5 videos. It features a beautiful and unified UI on all desktop browsers and supports fullscreen in Window Mode.


View Source | Price: $5

Vplayer – Video player with Gallery

Vplayer is a minimalistic HTML5 Video Player with a Social Media Sharing Widget and a Video Gallery Slider. Vplayer works on all modern browsers, and can fall back to Flash for older browsers. The scripts’ only dependency is jQuery.


View Source | Price: $7

HTML5 Video Player with Multiple Skins

You can insert the player multiple times in the same page with the same skin or using a different skin. Supports autoplay, description for videos, fullscreen, volume control.


View Source | Price: $9

Which HTML5 video player have you used? Share with us in the comments area.

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