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20+ HTML5 Web Apps For Those On a Deadline

HTML5 is the latest web technology that’s been rumored to kill Flash for some time now. I wouldn’t put my money on it, but I must admit that when it comes to web application development it has some advantages you can benefit from to make your life easier and create a more enjoyable experience for your site’s visitors.

So, what’s so special about HTML5? The most important thing is that you don’t need a plugin to get video support or embed videos because your browser already supports that. It also includes storage for offline web applications. Bottom line, if you’re on a deadline, these HTML5 web apps can really come in handy and help you work faster and get things done in time.

In this post you will go through a collection of 20+ HTML5 web apps, such as animations, time management, chart creating and more, that can save you lots of time, while you focus on other pending tasks.

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20+ Powerful HTML5 Web Applications

1. Twimbow 

Twimbow is a HTML5 web application that helps users manage their social network of choice more efficiently. It’s very colorful and this is what differentiates it from other apps like it. You can mark important conversations or people with a color of your choice.

2. Aviary

Aviary includes several tools from image and vector editors to audio editor and image markup. So, if you need to add some effects quickly and don’t want to waste time downloading and installing software, this is a quick solution to get the job done.

3. Gabereiser

This is a HTML5 web application that you can use to browse photos easily.

4. Body Browser from Google Labs

You’ve probably checked out the Body Browser from Google Labs. It’s a great application for students that want to learn more about the human body, as well as for professionals. It’s very easy to use and a must-see!

5. Coolendar

Simple organizer that you can use to plan your tasks, appointments and other activities.


CSSWarp is a time-saving alternative to generate HTML code from text. Comes in very handy when you’re on a deadline.

7. Hootsuite 

hootsuite is a web app for those Internet savvy that are constantly checking or updating their statuses on social networks. You have access to all your social media stuff in a single place.

8. CSS 3.0 Maker 

This is a simple to use HTML5 web app that helps you create CSS3 code using a visual designer.

9. MugTug 

MugTug is an online drawing application that you can use to improve you drawing skills or just edit images online. You can use it from your PC, tablet or netbook.

10. Scribd in HTML5

Scribd also has a Flash version but now they’ve added a HTML5 one. If you’re looking for information on a certain topic, Scribd is loaded with data and reports so you’ll probably find great resources here.

11. Citicles 

If you want to find out more information about a particular city, look it up on Citicles. It’s actually a pretty interesting and interactive HTML5 web app.

12. Colorzilla 

This is an alternative to Photoshop. You can use it online, so you don’t need to download or install anything and it’s also more user friendly than Photoshop, which means it’s a lot easier to use.

13. DeviantART Muro 

Muro is a HTML5 web app that you can use to work on your scketches. No need to install any plugin but you do need a DeviantArt account if you’re skilled and want to have access to advanced features.

14. X-Worlds

This application can be used by both kids and professionals. Draw a character and then see it being transformed into a great illustration.

15. CloudCanvas

Cloud Canvas is a HTML5 web app where you can edit images online and then save them on your own cloud (Google Documents, in this case.)

16. Lislis Painter 

This is yet another image editing tool online based on HTML5.

17. LucidChart 

Use this HTML5 web app to create charts and diagrams online, and then share them with your team members.

18. Diagramo 

With Diagramo you can create diagrams, charts and graphs and save them for as long as you want.

19. Tiny Fluid Grid 

Generate a grid framework and then preview it to make sure it looks as you want it to. It’s a simple tool so you’ll have no trouble using it.

20. Bomomo 

Bomomo is a HTML5 web app that allows you to create artwork online – whether it’s a wallpaper or just abstract drawings.

21. Iconza

With Inconza you get a free collection of icons that you can edit to fit your exact requirements. You can change their color or size to match your designs.

22. Vintage JS

This is an interesting online tool that you can use to give your images a more vintage look.

23. Was it up?

Like the name says, this application lets you know when your site goes down.

Is there any other cool HTML5 web app that you’ve used and think should be on this list? 

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